Some Feel That Good Entertainers Are as Important to Society

Some feel that good entertainers are as important to society as scientists. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The Paradigm shift has made people more responsible and stressed. So to remove their monotony in life, entertainment plays a vital role. So, it is argued that entertainers are as important as scientists. A few masses feel that good performers are as vital in society as scientists. I completely agree with the statement. If scientists save people from diseases and make their lives comfortable, artists teach the masses how to lead life happily and avoid the miseries of life?

First off, artists by dint of their talent make the people laugh, reduce their burden, and motivate them to enjoy their life without caring about the dark side of life. So, people feel elated, and they do not hesitate to spend more on entertainment. For instance, nowadays people attend live performances of comedians or other artists, who bring a positive change in the behaviour of individuals. So, they consider them a part of their life. The classic example is ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil.’ This show is widely popular, and persons suspend all their activities to watch this show. So, they are essential in society to make society people relaxed.

On the other hand, scientists also have great value in society. It is due to their efforts that people get modern amenities and treatment of every disease. They provide a safe and secure ambience. So their contribution cannot be looked down upon. Besides, scientists have helped people in enhancing their longevity. For instance, earlier, there was no curement of cancer, AIDS, and to name but a few; however, now people get their treatment well. Any illness can be diagnosed well in advance with the assistance of advanced technology. What’s more, earlier covid-19 was a riddle for the scientist, but with advancements in research, they are getting to understand every strain. So, their contribution is immense to society.

In conclusion, Thus both scientists and performers play an indispensable role in society to make it a better place to live in. Both do work for the prosperity of humanity. It is by dint of efforts of scientists and artists that people become able to overcome their hurdles in life. Both have equal regard in society.

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