Some Feel that Individuals Should Try to Assimilate Completely Into the Country

Some feel that individuals should try to assimilate completely into the country where they live while others feel it is more important to preserve their native culture. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

In today’s world, most people believe that each person must focus and fully learn about their living place. On the other hand, others think it is more important to gain knowledge about their culture and traditions rather than the country where you live now. I discussed both views in the given paragraphs.

The first group believes that when we live in the country and use their services in our life, then our responsibility is to learn about the culture and traditions of those countries. Each person has the need to keep their living place on a priority basis. We also need to follow the rules and regulations of the country where we live. For example, my sister lives in Australia, and she learns all things regarding the culture of Australia and gains knowledge about their living place.

On the other hand side, many people think that knowledge about our native culture is more important rather than others. Because most people move to foreign countries and follow western culture by forgetting their traditions, it is not good to forget their background. Moreover, if we should leave the ethnicity of our country, then one day, we will totally disappear from our culture. Moreover, we also need to guide their children regarding our background. For instance, my bro lives in Canada, but he follows the culture of our country and also gives knowledge to their son.

In conclusion, I think both of these things are more important according to the situation. We should follow the traditions and native culture of the country where we live as well as our background.

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