The Process of Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea: AC Writing Task 1

The Process of Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The Process of Pu-erh Raw Tea and Ripe Tea

The diagram illustrates the process of making pu-erh Ripe tea and Raw tea.

Overall, both tea-making processes have three same initial stages: pan frying, rolling and drying under the sun after this process differs for ripe and raw teas.

In the pan frying process, the leaves of trees are taken into a big pan and allowed to fry, which causes the inactivation of enzymes. Then the leaves are rolled and dried under sunlight. After completion of 3 common steps, making ripe tea involves three more steps. After drying under the sun, loose raw tea undergoes fermentation by mould and becomes loose, ripe tea, which becomes pu-erh ripe tea after compression.

For making raw tea, loose raw tea requires compression to form pu-erh raw tea, and after ageing, it becomes vintage pu-erh raw tea. The process of making raw tea involves only a single step as compared to ripe tea, which involves three steps.

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