Some Individuals Say Children Should Have to Play Outdoor Games

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Some individuals say children should have to play outdoor games instead of playing computer games at home. Do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that juveniles must play outdoor games instead of playing them on electronic gadgets. I agree with the statement that immature must play outdoor games for holistic development as well as getting rid of a sedentary lifestyle.

First and foremost, children must play games outside their home because they will have more physical activities; resultantly, they will remain hale and hearty. In fact, to make them physically fit, is not the real aim to allow them to play outdoor games but they will be mentally, socially and emotionally strong. For instance, games such as hide and seek, racing, riding a cycle make young minds more creative and physically fit. It has been compared with the past life of children that they used to play more outside their homes and more agile and had a balanced personality in compared to the modern generation.

Moreover, playing outside help them in getting rid of a sedentary lifestyle as modern children play more on electronic media and they are getting a victim of many elements such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and to name but a few. If they are allowed to play more those activities in which their whole body organs function well, then they would not have such problems and they can lead a blissful life. They will be more active and alert. Besides, their energy can be channelized in constructive work as one can see many pieces of evidence that more and more children are prone to stress and illegal activities when they utilise maximum time on computers. Thus there are more chances of making them mentally sick. So they must play outdoor games instead of playing on computers and laptops.

In conclusion, playing outdoor games are beneficial for the children for their good upbringing as they will stay robust and have more creativity in their work and they can lead a stress-free life, which they can’t avoid while playing on multimedia sources.

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