Some People Believe that Family Has the Greatest Influence on Children’s Development

Some people believe that family has the greatest influence on children’s development while others think that other areas such as television and friends have a greater influence. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Believe that Family Has the Greatest Influence on Children’s Development

Children are like wet cement. They believe what they believe, what they listen to and see. One school of thought believes that they are influenced by their parents, while others think that other people and electronic gadgets have a more significant influence on them. This essay will be discussed both contradicting sides and gives a logical conclusion in the ensuing paragraphs.

On the one hand, youngsters spend most of the time of their day with their family and learn various skills from their family members. The pivotal at to have influence from family is that very young age, they are not mature enough to think about right and wrong. Eventually, they follow what their Family members have done in their Life. For instance, according to the survey, it is observed that if parents indulge in bad activities, the child is also involved in that Whilst. In contrast, if parents do some social activities, then the child is also likely to do those things. Hence, mentors have a more significant influence on their sons or daughters.

On the other hand, off-springs love to play with their friends and watch Television. Moreover, they learn several things. To quote an example, they can learn decision-making skills, leadership, teamwork while playing with their classmates and imagination skills from T.V. . They mostly spend their quarter of the day with friends or on electronic equipment. For that reason, this factor also affects children’s behaviour. For example, if their friends are well-mannered and respect elder, then that child also do that. Ergo, groups of friends and T.V also have some influence on juveniles.

On close scrutiny, I conclude that parents and friends or T.V. have equal influence on the day child as they spend the whole day with each other.

Sample 2 Some People Believe that Family Has the Greatest Influence on Children’s Development

It is often argued \topic that Family is a pillar of society and plays a vital role in kids’ growth, whereas others have different views and TV and friends have a major influence on them. In my opinion, Family significantly impacts toddlers’ expansion as they spend more time with them and learn from them. Children, especially teenagers and youngsters, have an impact from Family but more from outside, like friends, environment, and teachers.

Parents have extraordinary impacts on their children’s growth, especially in shaping a good childhood. Teach them the value of Family, relationships, and responsibility in a child by parents, and it plays an influential role in their maturity. Love and attention from parents develop a strong character in a child, while the lack of proper parenting often ruins it. Children mostly mimic their parents and become more like them. Undoubtedly, this single fact proves how important it is for a child to have a family and good parenting.

To become successful and confident in life, we need to study in a school, interact with teachers and neighbours, have friends, face challenges, learn from our environment, and gain social experiences. And all those factors have crucial roles to play in a child’s life. Outside the home, children encounter different situations that teach them how to solve their own problems. Children learn these skills in schools which help them to have an everyday life beyond their family borders.

To conclude, while parents significantly impact children’s attitudes and growth, social interactions and external factors are also important. They cannot be ignored for a child’s overall development.
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