Some people believe that having interviews is the best way

Some people believe that having interviews is the best way to find new employees for a company. Others say that there are better alternative ways to appoint employees. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer of Some people believe that having interviews is the best way


Finding the right person for the right job is strenuous work. A few masses consider interviews are only a good way to recruit a person; while others focus on other substitutes like quirky questions, cognitive testing, and of course behavioral interviews. However, I reckon that techniques other than interviews can assist a lot in finding the right person for a particular job.


At the outset, interviews have been one of the old methods to assess the person for a job for many years. It is considered a very reliable source. For instance, interviews either verbal or non-verbal present a true picture of the person because the interviewers are veterans in their field. Apart from taking face to face interviews, they are able to judge them via telephonic techniques through the tone especially intonation. So, they think old is gold and thus it is a good tool to judge a person for a job.


On the other hand, a handful of masses think other ways like cognitive testing, quirky questions, and certainly situational techniques are the best ways to hire personnel in a firm. These ways give an employer a broad outlook of their workers by trapping them in a problem to see their problem-solving ability and leadership qualities as well. Normally employees can create situations that demand a person’s initiative to make decisions by keeping in mind their other subordinates. If the concerned person succeeds in coming out of the problem along with their fellow workers; then evidently at the time of crises he or she would be able to help the company. Besides, these techniques can show a person’s multitasking ability, which can be a boon for the company.


In conclusion, thus, relying on a single technique for recruitment purposes cannot always be fruitful. A person must be judged by using other techniques for an ideal job.

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