IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 42(30-10-2020) 

IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 42(30-10-2020)

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The answer to each and every question is mandatory otherwise we will not accept it. Send your answers on [email protected] with your name, city along with question( in the subject field of email), and must send us the answer within 24 hours of question.  We will not respond to late answers and without a name, question no answer will be considered.

Academic Writing Task 1

The given table shows the percentage of household consumer durables sold in the UK from 1972 to 1983. It can be divided into three groups.


General  Writing Task

You received an invitation from a friend to go out for a day and accepted, but you were unable to go as promised. Write an apology letter to your friend and say


– Why couldn’t you make it?
– How did you try to reach him/her?
– Suggest how you will make up for it another time.

General/ Academic Writing Task 2

Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area. Others prefer to live in many different places in their lifetime. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Academic /General speaking

Describe a good decision you made recently.

You should say:

What it was

When you made it

What the result was

And explain how you felt about it


IELTSFever FREE Online Test Day 42(30-10-2020) 

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