Some People Believe that Students Should Acquire Working Experience

Some people believe that students should acquire working experience during their gap year instead of travelling. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and include relevant examples.

Nowadays, in many countries, students get an annual break before enrolling in universities, and few people find it a good approach. Is this rule really desirable for getting employed instead of exploring by the journey? In my opinion, recruiting in the occupation than visiting places would result in prestigious jobs opportunity and better decision making of which stream to choose.

Early job experience helps any candidate to land in supreme position in future after graduation or a master’s. Experience is what most firms look for. Moreover, with academic knowledge, experience also matters, especially in this competitive world where it is imperative to stay one step ahead of others. It is really hard to get jobs instantly once the degree is completed because most jobs ask for experience, and it is the fresher who actually tussles. When making the selection for job vacancies, for instance, the first feature that any recruiter emphasises is the amount of experience that the person holds in a particular field. Thus for higher positions or jobs, it is beneficial to utilise the gap period to make it easier after study completion.

Besides, this plays a crucial role in better career choices. However, travelling would help to explore, not as much as jobs. Some students really get perplexed about what to opt for further studies. Working in a certain environment, they can discover their distinct skills, which further aids in selecting the best course. Many teenagers, for instance, change their streams in midterm or dropouts from collages because they fail to accomplish subject goals; this results in wastage of time and money and vexing behaviour. Thus, employment in any company or workplace would help to choose what is best for the students and would lead to satisfaction and succession.

To conclude, utilising the break for performing jobs is way better than indulging in travelling because professions would give lifetime experience which would help to get the superior place in any organisation and would lead to the better decision for higher education.

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