Today More People Are Travelling than Ever Before. Why Is This the Case? What Are the Benefits of Travelling for The Traveller?

Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case? What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

In this day and age, travelling is of great importance in every individual’s life. Therefore, the number of holiday-makers is increasing dramatically compared to the past, which might be associated with a number of underlying reasons and advantages.

First and foremost, there are several purposes of venturing abroad, and a higher standard of education is the prime one for any academic learners. To describe, America and England are the two most preferred nations by any students, since both have top-notch universities such as Harvard and Oxford, which tend to provide them not only the broadening of horizons but also money-oriented opportunities like stable jobs and thousand – dollar – worth scholarship. Secondly, exposure to a new culture is another reason that can be considered by foreign travellers. Thus, in such cases, this is likely to improve their independence and self-esteem when speaking another language is obligatory in another country. As a result, the number of people travelling for leisure activities has been on the growth rapidly for the past decades.

In terms of benefits, it is undeniable that globe-trotting runs a higher chance of providing a sense of refreshment for many travellers, especially businessmen or students having a hectic schedule. To be more precise, busier workdays turn out to put pressure on city-dwellers from town centres on a daily basis. Hence, tourism is available to any individuals as a solution to relieve their stress via exploring new cuisine and traditional values of other lands. Moreover, hands-on experiences through trips abroad are useful and necessary for a career path. Basically, provided that applicants apply for the jobs like tour guides and construction engineers, which require a high tendency of movement to different geographical locations, those with mentioned experiences stand a greater chance of being hired.

By and large, travelling may be advantageous because of the above-mentioned reasons and benefits. Likewise, there are several factors to a sound and comprehensive decision to whether to pay the sum of money for tourists.

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