Some People Believe that To Reduce Industrial Pollution a Tax Should Be Imposed on Companies

Some people believe that to reduce industrial pollution a tax should be imposed on companies, while others believe that different measures should be taken to solve the problem. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, with the increase, the industry in the world has risen the pollution in every nation started heavy-duty on companies. Although, there are other things that take steps to solve the trouble by which I will discuss both views in subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, rising industrial in the economy day by day has a direct impact on nature by which they destroy air, water and ground so that a reason to control the growth of industries for the save planets. Also, it creates a huge amount of carbon. In such a manner Government should impose a tax to implement pollution control. For example, America is a country that imposes heavier taxes on corporations to control pollution. However, it is easier to reduce the industry.

However, some people suggest that not only is increasing the taxes is sufficient to create awareness, it also works as well as it is important to spread the awareness in public. It also highly works. In paper and plastic industries are more creating pollution rather than others. Additionally, if people are aware of their environment, they cannot buy plastic items, so indirectly, the industry will grow less automatically pollution will be under control.

In conclusion, production companies are affected by the environment where the administration has increased the rate of taxes to reduce them, while there are other alternative solutions is to take are creating awareness in public which directly affects the industry growth.

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