Some People Believe They Should Keep All the Money They Have Earned and Should Not Pay Taxes to The State

Some People Believe They Should Keep All the Money They Have Earned and Should Not Pay Taxes to The State. Do You Agree or Disagree?

Some individuals hoard enormous wealth in specific communities but fail to pay excise to their respective governments. For them, their earned income belongs to their own. The essay will elaborate on how this belief is opposed.

For any developed country, revenue plays a vital role in making progress in society. The government has various sources to earn this revenue, and one is to impose duty or tax on the citizens. The government is responsible for providing proper infrastructure like housing, roads, schools, hospitals, and various help centres. To establish these structures, a considerable amount of funds is essential. How is this possible if the citizens pay the government their dues levied upon them in small amounts from their marginal income? Not only to construct but even to run these vast institutes, enormous amounts of funds are required. A massive chunk of a developed country survives under the poverty line for them. Providing these amenities is the moral duty of any government.

Every nation has its defence mechanisms. Be it an Airwing, Navy or Army. Countless staff are employed in this service. Along with teams, various machines and institutes exist. How are their expenses met? One of the sources is the commoner’s and industrialists’ tax, which is converted into maintaining and managing these institutes.


From the reasons mentioned earlier, it is evident that any regime needs funds, and it is the moral duty of any citizen to pay their respective dues to the authorities. Had it not been done so, these individuals would be responsible for the collapse of their nation, and they will be legally penalised for not fulfilling their duty.

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