Some People Claim That the Government Should Provide Free Health Care

Some people claim that the government should provide free health care. Others think that the government will not provide the most innovative methods
of treatment and its better to invest those funds in education and culture. What is your opinion?

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Despite the awareness, there have been surge multiple issues which come across regarding free health facilities that should be given by the government. Some people are fascinated by this notion. While others are apprehensive about the authority should spend a hefty amount on researches that will provide them new techniques in medical science. Needless to say, an imperative perspective in favor of the regimen should pay for new innovations which will help to cure major diseases. To quote an instance, medical science have treatment if course and dengue due to they have advance laboratories which are provided
by the government.


Furthermore, management should pay much money for new rearrangements in medical which is useful for finding a vaccine for the critical disease. However, other people think the administration should provide free-of-cost medical facilities so that a common man can live life without any tension.

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Moreover, individuals are giving their hard-earned money as taxes they deserve some facilities like free medical treatment for example if the authority provides charge less treatment humans can live longer because they do not have a burden of their medical expenses.


To core it out, I am inclined to advocate that government should make a proper budget for both because a common man is paying some part of their money as tax they expect something from government, as well as administration, should pay some amount to education and culture because without education new innovations are not possible

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Since the authorities could not be able to provide cutting-edge technologies in treating the patient, some individuals argue that they should concentrate more on financing the sector of learning and culture as compared to providing free health care services. In my opinion, I agree with their concerns as well-educated citizens can participate proactively in the awareness of maintaining good health as well as preserving our art, literature, and traditions.


On the one hand, there are various reasons why a section of society considers that the government should allow people to avail themselves of health care services for free. Primarily, if a citizen is bound to pay all kinds of taxes to the nation, such as road tax, property tax, and many more, the respective authorities are also liable to provide their residents with good and medical care at no cost. To cite an example, a great health care authority, NHS in the United Kingdom provides free medical treatments to British nationals. Hence, it is undeniable that the medicinal benefits stand people in good stead as far as their augmenting prosperity is concerned.


On the other hand, I agree with those people who argue that if the administration cannot provide free health benefits for the grave diseases with state-of-the-art technologies, then the funds should be wisely invested in the development of culture as well as providing good educational facilities to every legal resident owing to several causative factors. Predominantly, as the educated nationals are the future of every country, basic learning should be given without taking the fees and financial support ought to be required in higher studies. If there are more educated citizens in a nation, they can make themselves as well as others fit and healthy by adopting the right kind of approach through studying more about health hazards and also prove an advantage in conducting research as well as finding remedies in fighting against severe illnesses. Apart from this, because a rich cultural heritage is an asset of any country to get intact with our history and roots, the appropriate funding in preserving our ancient art and the literature will undoubtedly prove beneficial in developing a unique identity in front of the world. Thus, the decisions of administration in managing investment play a vital role in developing a rich nation in education and cultural spheres.


In conclusion, I firmly believe that intellectual and cultural development is irrefutable in constructing a successful nation. However, the health criteria also play a significant role, provided if the government adopts a balanced approach in the welfare of their citizens.

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In the present scenario, health is considered an important factor in the development of the nation. So, a number of people argue that medical facilities should be free for them; however, others view that the government should focus on education and culture to invest available funds. In my opinion, receiving medical facilities is a fundamental right of every citizen, hence it should be cost-free.


To embark with, the main reason why I support free medical service is that everyone in society is not capable to afford such expenses due to the fact of their hand-to-mouth earnings. Consequently, they suffer from severe illness and critical health issues. If authorities would provide these services at zero cost then everyone could have a healthy living.


Moreover, most of the government revenue comes from public taxes; therefore, it becomes the ounce to spend it on the welfare of citizens. This money can be used to discover advanced and innovative ways to treatment that would be available to the public at subsidized prices. This will not only promote health standards but also improve the human capital of the nation.


However, people who claim the latter view believe that other sectors such as education and culture should be focused equally since they are also critical for a prosperous nation. For instance, in order to fulfill the requirement of human resources in any sector, the educational system needs to be appropriate and robust. So, the fund invested in these arenas is equally vital as that of medical facilities.


In nutshell, without any doubt education and culture promotes a nation, even though health should be priority. In long run, the only a healthy nation can be a wealthy nation. Hence, authorities must focus on the development of health care facilities.

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