Some People Encourage Watching Sports as A Way of Learning

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Some people encourage watching sports as a way of learning about teamwork and strategy, while others believe that one can learn these skills only through playing sports. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1:-Some People Encourage Watching Sports as A Way of Learning

There are various skills that are required in order to be successful in sports. Some people believe that viewing sporting events serves as an effective method to learn about collaboration and techniques. Since it helps to relay the whole plan of the game, while others opine that active participation is better. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the argument and give my opinion.

Convincing arguments can be made that surveying physical games helps to convey the whole blueprint. With globalization, it has become easier to watch, rewind, pause, and stop to get a detailed perspective. Strategies used by the players when watching sports on a screen. Moreover, they would learn the manner in which the participants used in order to succeed in the competition. Before playing a vital match, for instance, sportsmen always watch the previous matches of their competitors. This is to learn about their style of playing and how they assist themselves in achieving success. Obviously, observing physical activities helps develop a partnership among teammates and convey a roadmap.

Admittedly, engaging in sporting activities is important in developing skills such as strategies and approaches. In other words, trainers will be able to practice everything they have learned. They will be able to face challenges and overcome them. Furthermore, through participating actively, players will learn to communicate effectively with their teammates. They build trust and grasp the importance of individual roles within a team. For example, playing soccer requires constant communication and decision-making among team members to score a point.

In my opinion, watching and playing sports is important, given that it is impossible to start playing a game without observing how it is done. If a game is being played without rehearsal, it will lead to failure. Also, by actively engaging in gaming activities, individuals can put what they have learned to practice.

In conclusion, people have different views about how to develop teamwork and strategies in sporting activities. While some individuals think that watching games helps relay the plans, others say that active participation would enable them to familiarize themselves with what they have observed.

Sample 2:-Some People Encourage Watching Sports as A Way of Learning

In recent decades, viewing live sports have experienced a great change. Therefore, many feel that an emphasis on watching games via any medium would instill a great sense of teamwork and tactics in viewers. Individuals, on the other hand, have argued that actively partaking in games should benefit more. In my opinion, though consuming various games as spectators could institute the importance of teamwork, it is far more beneficial to enjoy the game as being played.

Those who argued in favor of watching games point out recent telecast technology. In the last two decades, broadcasting technology has changed thoroughly. By seeing sports, individuals observe a range of skills subtly and enjoy both performance of players and critical decisions being made by the team. Hence this allows them to establish good behavior towards working in a team. A great example would be the English Premier League in the UK; over the globe, it has billions of bystanders ranging from famous athletes to the common populace. Viewers capture the best moments of this affluent football game and imply numerous real life strategies. Thus it is justifiable merits to watch games.

Nonetheless, I largely believe playing sports hold distantly positive results in terms of getting knowledge about group ethics. Those who play games can entitle real experience of the situation. There is a strong likelihood to support co-players, understanding the principle of a particular field on the ground, and it will engender socializing amongst the team. Additionally, before starting to play, different participants converse with one another, make a game plan, and follow this strategy while playing. As a result, this attitude may develop nuance interest in the game; after finishing the playtime, players discuss various good or bad performances they have made during games. Although this occurred at an advanced level of a platform such as an international event, the majority of this practice would follow in general. The cited example again is the UK; Individuals often play football in their spare time, and noticeably, they inmate the true atmosphere of relatively real games.

In conclusion, whether witnessing a game out of the field or playing on the field has consequently provided team spirit. People should learn the importance of decision-making ability for that individuals could at least be part of the game.

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