Some People Feel That Children Should Be Educated in Single-Sex Schools

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Some people feel that children should be educated in single-sex schools; others argue that mixed schools are better. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Sample Answer of Some People Feel That Children Should Be Educated in Single-Sex Schools

Even in this modern era people have thoughts about sending males and females to different schools while on the other hand individuals are in favour of Mixed-sex schools. this essay will discuss both viewpoints in detail in the upcoming body paragraphs.

Initially, if we talk about separate sex schools here individuals are not distracted by the opposite gender and they are completely able to focus on what is in front of them. Adding to this, these types of schools get rigid about their workings and process. individuals studying here do have a different point of view about a lot of situations. The only liability I see here is they do not have any exposure to how to greet and communicate with people of another gender as they have hardly talked to anyone. Later in life, they find it difficult to carry out conversations .

On the flip side, individuals studying together are proved too comfortable in carrying out conversations with the opposite sex. They are also proved to be good in studies as are the ones having separate sex schools. There might be different rules and styles of teaching in both schools but they both prove to be beneficial for the students. On the higher level when these individuals go they have the confidence to stand in front of anyone and present their point and these days confidence is the key, isn’t it ?

By hammering the last nail, ill say that I am in favour of mixed schools as I studied in one and I turned out to be perfectly normal. I have personal experience in the area and the confidence that I carry with me to the interviews no matter who is in front of me make me get the job. I appreciate each one of us point of view each individual has a right to choose what’s right for them. In my eye, there is no harm for any of the schooling method, go for what you feel like and build up your future.

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