Some People Like to Try New Things, for Example, Places to Visit and Types of Food

Some people like to try new things, for example, places to visit and types of food. Other people prefer to keep doing things they are familiar with. Discuss both these attitudes and give your own opinion.

It is that choice is different as per person, and it is seen that this phenomenon change with time. Numerous people around the world prefer to do a different kind of experience such as sightseeing new site, eating new edible. However, others do not like to make a change in routine life. Both notions have their own pros and cons; therefore, before commenting on my view, I will discuss both views in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, making a change in life person require a different thing. The first one is time, in this contemporary era, the majority of people has hectic work schedule thus, no time for visiting our exploring new sites. The second one is a personal choice, around the globe, there is a plethora of humankind who does not prefer to change their own lifestyle especially older people. They desire to live life in the same way as they do from childhood to the present. Although, without changing livelihood, person exhausting from life, trying new things stimulate them and yield energy.

On the other hand, having a different things experience is also beneficial for a person. In other words, after visiting a new place person have experience and knowledge about that territory. In this digital era, new things also relax a person from stress. If a person lives the same life without a change in daily life, then easily thinks negative and tired from life so, pivotal to do out of the box such as try new food dishes. However, it is expensive for penurious people.

In conclusion, although trying some different render person to life and also useful in many ways rather than strict with no-change rules. In my view, trying different things is a more batter attitude.

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