Some People Think that If a Country Is Already Rich, Any Addition in Economic Wealth

Some people think that if a country is already rich, any addition in economic wealth does not make its citizen happier. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A few people argue that, for citizens of already wealthy countries, further economic advancement will not lead them to become any happier. I completely agree with this point of view because when a country’s economy is stronger, its workers will be likely to face heavier workloads and more severe income inequality.

Primarily, a stronger economy could mean greater workloads. People in rich countries may be already content with the lifestyles and salaries they are providing and not want to work harder to earn more. However, to grow the economy even further, companies need to increase output and create innovation, which could lead to longer working hours. As a result, people may have less time left to enjoy their lives outside the workplace. Moreover, the employees are bound to produce innovative ideas, which leads to brain-draining and unsatisfied professional and family lives. In my own experience, my uncle, who is working in an international private firm spending more hours on the computer to submit the projects before the targeted deadlines. In fact, their companies have the highest turnover in the USA. For example, in the majority of developed countries, people are satisfied with their current economic backgrounds.

Secondly, economic growth could widen the income gap. When businesses create wealth, the top management normally receives large raises or bonuses, whereas low-level workers see little or no increase in their wages. For example, the online retail giant Amazon plays an important role in driving the world’s biggest economy America to become even bigger. Despite the company’s huge economic contribution, their warehouse workers only get paid 15 dollars per hour even though CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth has been growing significantly. Such unfairness can only make a country less happy. However it is true that citizens will be proud of their country is growing remarkably than others, but in my opinion, people couldn’t live the happiest life rather it reduces the satisfaction of people.

In conclusion, some people think that any addition to the economic sector of an affluent country does not produce happiness in the native people. Any kind of economic development would force employees to work harder and exacerbate income disparities. Therefore, I strongly feel that it would not increase the happiness of citizens of already wealthy countries.

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