Some people prefer to relax by doing physical activities

Some people prefer to relax by doing physical activities

while others choose mental activities

such as crossword puzzles or chess.

Discuss both views and include your own opinion.

sample answer:


Activities are evident that humans feel refreshed. People choose different ways to relax. Some prefer physical activities while others enjoy mental activities to entertain themselves. In this essay, I will focus on both the views and at last will end up with my opinion.

paragraph 1:

Unquestionably, Activities are a vital part of human life. People use different ways to ease their bodies. Physical outdoor activities like running, jogging, cycling, etc. not only helps people to build their physique but also increases their immune system. Moreover, these exercises done in the early morning will refresh your whole day. Additionally, some indoor physical activities like house cleaning, plantation, and watering plants will help you to be distant in getting bore and prevents overthinking. Contradictorily, sometimes it tires your body but in the end, it will benefit your body.

paragraph 2:

On the flipper side, Mental activities like puzzles, sudoku, chess will help you to build mental health. Although mental activities sometimes seem very frustrating, children will benefit the most. Brain drain activities prevent humans from depression, anxiety, and many other psychic related issues. In a survey, it is proved that people who have the practice to solve puzzles and play chess are more focused and have a never give up attitude. They are strong-minded and have a very practical approach. Furthermore, these people are less prone to the emotional feeling of guiltiness and sadness.


After discussing both the views, I opine that both physical and mental activities have their own pros and cons and I believe both are equally essential for human’s well being.

This is the end of writing task 2:: ( Some people prefer to relax by doing physical activities  )

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1 thought on “Some people prefer to relax by doing physical activities”

  1. Heena Kochhar

    In the present scenario, physically and mentally fitness is very important for survival as COVID-19 paramedics. Some schools of people choose to physical fitness and others have contradictory opinions as mental exercises are enough. But, i have mixed opinions that am going to elaborate in the following paragraphs.

    To commence with physical freak personalities, the present society give more importance to healthy and good looking people. Physical fitness is not counted under racism category. Physical exercise include running, jogging, cardio, gum-workout, yoga and so on. According to Oxford recent study, In US people are dying from depression, anxiety, heart attack and respiratory due to having junk and processed food that effect on human metabolism and immune system. In fact, people are temporary lay-off from their hobs due to over-weight, physical illness and obesity. For instance, customer service and sale business is totally depends upon person physical appearance and attractiveness.

    On the second second school of people believe that mental activities are more important than others. No doubts, there are numerous famous examples in the global world, those got special remarks for the unique talent. People choose numbers of activities like chess, crossword and so on. These are the hidden talents and not required any physical fitness to come-out. But nowadays, these exercises are vanishing due to technological development, although teenagers like to play games online platform like PUBG that not help in mental fitness. Hence, another reason for depression.

    In my opinion, both activities have equal importance while considering the current situations. People those have strong metabolism and immune system helps out the as soon as from Corona-virus infection. In a single, every age person need to devote at least one hour to their bodies to do any exercise that help them to face mental pressure.

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