Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in The Open Spaces in Towns

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Some people say it is more important to plant trees in the open spaces in towns and cities than to build more housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in The Open Spaces in Towns

It is an irrefutable fact that, nowadays, a great deal of attention has been paid to Green or sustainable planting; while some believe that it must be necessary to plant trees everywhere in society rather than constructing mud and mortar building in open areas, others reject this notion. However, I totally agree with the former statement that will analyse my views by taking examples to demonstrate my points and prove my arguments.

On the one hand, the advantages of planting more trees are not disputable. The most predominant one is that trees could purify the air and reduce the emission of Co2 into the environment, which is polluted by transportation and construction. Furthermore, pure and fresh air could help people to live a stress-free life as well as keep a fresh and healthy atmosphere around their living space. For example, floods in Jagrata affect health, safety and prosperity due to soil erosion due to deforestation in order to urbanise. Hence, green space could generally be a great solution to avoid the aforementioned predictable problem.

On the other hand, although there has been a dramatic rise in the population almost in all nations due to the enhancement in healthcare amenities. As a result, the average death rate has decreased, yet the majority of the populace still resides in countries. For example, the unemployment problem has been contributed significantly by increasing the number of people who have been residing in multicultural cities.

In conclusion, from my viewpoint, it is most agreeable to focus more on planting trees for a friendly environment, though building houses are essential. However, the balance between them should be an effective solution for environmental protection.

Sample 2 Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in The Open Spaces in Towns

It is argued that growing trees in vacant places in sub-urban areas or metropolitan areas are crucial rather than constructing homes for the people. I completely agree with the statement as it will make the place pollution-free, and linking people with nature can heal their mental and physical problems.

First off, planting trees in open spaces will make the urban and town areas pollution free. To elaborate on it, people run their vehicles to move from one place to another. When the fuel burns, it produces toxic gases. These gases mix in the environment and create pollution. Therefore, having more trees will absorb them and purify the air, and our biodiversity will not experience the problem of pollution. The absence of vegetation and congested places due to having more homes can exaggerate this problem. Thus it is better to grow more trees. For instance, Chandigarh is a beautiful city for having more green spaces, and the rate of pollution is less than in any other city.

Moreover, greenery helps establish a link between human beings and nature and cures the public of various physical and mental illnesses. To explain it, nature has the power to heal the illnesses of humanity. Having plants, trees, and flowers all around makes the individuals feel ecstasy. In the lap of nature, people forget their anxiety and sadness and develop strong feelings of positivity. In addition, they do some exercises or run in the parks for gardens and burn their extra fat as well as improve the functions of the body organs. Individuals can keep themselves fit both psychologically and physiologically. For example, many physicians advise patients to walk over grass or to do meditation or yoga in a park or a garden. S, these places help a lot of humanity to cure itself. Even great writers or storytellers consider green spaces ideal for writing any work of art. Their writings also remove the depression of the person and make them cheerful.

To conclude, it is clear that planting trees in unoccupied places in cities or towns will make the place clear, and nature has the power to treat the physical as well as mental problems of individuals. They can get a feeling of glee at those places.

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