Nowadays Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects at University

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Nowadays not enough students choose science subjects at university in many countries. Why is this? What effects does this have on society?

Sample 1 Nowadays Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects at University

It has been observed that the number to opt for science subjects at a university is not adequate. Out of many reasons, long hours in a lab are one of the reasons, and it has a great impact on society as a society will not be able to get medical facilities.

To begin with, long working hours in a lab change the mind of students not to select science subjects. To elaborate, science graduates need to devote their maximum time to performing experiments in a laboratory. They need focus, hard labour and intelligence to make their experiment successful. Some students don’t have patience and find it challenging to spend more time in universities or sacrifice their leisure time to study. For instance, science learners don’t get holidays; if they get them, they spend them either at college in a lab or in a library to conduct research. This kind of tight schedule compels them to choose history, economics or language over science.

It has a great effect on society. Society would deprive of getting good medical amenities. To explain it, the number of students will decline in this respected domain. There will be a scarcity of doctors, nurses or teachers in society. Individuals would not get good medical treatment in the absence of qualified professionals. This will lead to the breaking out of diseases in a community. The doom of a country is evitable. For example, this problem was felt during the coronavirus pandemic in many states. Due to a shortage of doctors, nurses, and medicines, individuals suffered a lot, and many died in that period.

To conclude, it is clear that investing more time at universities in labs or libraries makes it hard for learners to select science subjects; resultantly, a community suffers a lot due to a lack of good medical provisions, and it enhances the mortality rate.

Sample 2 Nowadays Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects at University

In this competitive world, there are many subjects available to study at college. However, the choice of science subjects among students is decreasing day by day at the university. They have their own reasons, and it has some effects on the community. In my next few paragraphs, I would like to discuss both in more detail.

To start with, there are many reasons why individuals avoid selecting science classes in their colleges. The main reason is that they found it a difficult subject to learn. As compared to other subjects, like math and language, science is hard to study because it requires logical thinking and has limited sources of knowledge available on the market. Moreover, many pupils find there is little scope after studying this subject. This means that there are already many people who have completed their education in science, but they are unemployed at this time because of a shortage of jobs. These problems can generate lots of questions before choosing a subject in college.

Furthermore, it has some negative effects on society. The foremost is that the growth of the nation will gradually slow down. When students start to ignore science, the number of solutions to problems or new inventions will decrease because a limited number of people are available to find solutions. In addition, problems in the area will increase daily. Because science is the solution to every problem, if we don’t have scientists, we might face issues in the coming days.

In conclusion, although it has many causes, like requiring hard work and job-related issues, we must encourage students to gain knowledge in science subjects; otherwise, it will be harmful to the nation as well as to the world.

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