Some People Say that Every Human Being Can Create Art

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Some People Say that every human being can create art. Others think only people born with the ability can create art. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Say that Every Human Being Can Create Art

In this competitive world, there are divided beliefs regarding art creation. Some groups of people believe that each and every person can create art. However, others postulate that art can only be created by those who are born with it. Both views have their own pros and cons. Before I comment on my decision, both perspectives must be discussed.

On the one hand, many individuals have a strong opinion on art; they think everyone can make it. The foremost reason is that they believe art can be learned. This means that arts such as drawing, singing, and dancing can be learned by everybody by putting in some effort to practice. For example, M.S. Dhoni, who was interested in football during childhood, has learned cricket and has become a professional cricketer. Thus, learning something new is not rocket science, and people can learn if they practice regularly.

On the other hand, many people argue that art is a God-gifted talent and is only for selected people. One reason is that art is a unique talent and cannot be learned. Many people are born with it, and they are passionate about it. They just need to discover that talent and refine it to become professional. For instance, Arijit Singh, who is well known for his singing art, did nothing to learn to sing, but he has had this talent since birth and has been singing ever since. Therefore, if people have special skills, they don’t need to learn; it comes out naturally.

In conclusion, although we can develop art skills by learning after birth, some special skills can never be learned, and God gifts those skills.

Sample 2 Some People Say that Every Human Being Can Create Art

This is true: Everyone has some unique creativity from his or her childhood. Some people believe that it can be learned or created over time. At the same time, others think that they get this ability as a gift from God at birth. In this essay, I will discuss both possibilities individually before expressing my opinion.

First of all, art is a skill that can be learned, modified, or mastered by practising day by day. Creativity is a learning behaviour that anyone can enhance by practising. For instance, a boy who is studying in primary school does almost the same thing every day in art and craft classes. Instances for high school students. Primary school students are approximately 90% better at creating art than high school students.

Secondly, some skills also come from genetic DNA, as doctors believe they pass from mother to child or father to child. For example, suppose someone’s father is a painter. In that case, his child will automatically develop an interest in painting or colours from childhood, as his father used to do on a daily basis. And there are quite a few chances that the boy will become a famous painter when he is an adult.

To conclude, as I said, we can learn any difficult task by practising daily, and one day we will be perfect at that task. There is no learning age for art. But it is also true that we inherited some properties from our parents. Learning a task from day to day is quite simple because we have multiple dreams from a young age. Let’s assume that one day I want to become a doctor, and another day I want to become an engineer or pilot.

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