Some People Say that In Our Modern Age, It Is Unnecessary to Teach Children About the Skills of Handwriting

Some people say that in our modern age, it is unnecessary to teach children about the skills of handwriting. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has been argued that in this digital age, it is useless to instruct nippers to exercise penmanship. I thoroughly disagree with it because learning letters manually lead the younger ones to learn them effectively. Besides, they are able to generate more ideas.

First off, educating juveniles about calligraphy is crucial for them. To elaborate, when they write letters, they will enhance their visual memory as well. Resultantly, the more they write, the more they learn. For instance, in the majority of cases, students find it difficult in acquiring the meaning of words or their spelling and pronunciation. So, if they are focused on writing through segmentation way, they will be able to learn well and automatically, it will help them in their speaking ability as well. They write by pronouncing each letter. Thus at a younger age, they become proficient in reading and writing.

Furthermore, handwriting is more effective in generating more ideas by contrast typing on a keyboard. When children write, then they find varied ways to express their ideas, and they become more imaginative. These writing capabilities also let them read any piece of work-either a story or any historical documents. The epitome is the declaration of independence or the constitution. Even if they do not learn more; however at least they will be able to read them. Thus handwriting is deeply embedded into our culture and. In addition, it looks more enchanting to send warm wishes to one’s kith and kin by writing on paper over emails or text messages. It develops a good friendship among children.


To conclude, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that writing manually is more advantageous than technology. Learning slowly by paying attention to each letter, in the long run, makes the younger minds more effective learners than writing on keyboards, which may be faster but not help them in getting proficiency in a language.

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