Some People Say That Schools Do Not Make Enough Efforts to Teach Young People

Some people say that schools do not make enough efforts to teach young people to look after their health and they add that schools should take health education more seriously. Do you agree or disagree?

It is rightly said that health is wealth. few of people tell that schools are not making sufficient efforts to teach the students to take care of their health. In addition, they claim that education for health should be taken under serious consideration. I moderately agree with this as there are two sides to this phenomenon which is explained in this essay.

Admittedly, schools and other educational institutions have a defined syllabus to complete in a year which itself is a tedious job. Furthermore, it is hard to deal with toddlers as they do not generally follow the instructions of their teachers. Society, on one hand, expects students to study; on the other hand, they do not want to see students living a sedentary life. Therefore, schools also have introduced a period of time in which students are allowed to play. Though in the UK, many schools complain that these kids do not like to play in the mud, they rather like to seat in the computer room to explore social media. Thus, in my view, schools have to look after many things and parents are also equally responsible to give such knowledge to their infants.

If I see from the other perspective, pre-primary schools play a vital role in the upbringing of children. Most of the time, parents do not get spare time due to their busy work schedules and they expect schools to give insights about health. They rightly believe that the education ministry must introduce toddlers to traditional games in order to keep their body fit and fine. Additionally, schools can also arrange sports days in which students can participate and get rewards. Parents should also encourage to take part in such sports competitions. In this way, schools and parents can contribute in highlighting the young talents of their town not only to the nation but also to the international level. In recent years, when children are inclined towards fast food, it is not enough to just teach names of various vegetables. Instead, parents and teachers should teach them the advantages of healthy eating which would be ultimately beneficial for the entire community.

To conclude, I believe that giving education about health is the responsibility of parents as well as schools. Hence, they should work together to make a bright and healthy living for their children.

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