Some People Say That To Prevent illness and Disease: Task 2

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Some people say that to prevent illness and disease, and governments should focus more on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:-Some people say that to prevent illness and disease, governments should focus more on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems

There are several factors that contribute to infectious diseases across the globe. Some people believe that to prevent the occurrence of illness, and higher authorities should concentrate majorly on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems. This essay will explain why I completely disagree that the government should focus only on these two factors.

On the one hand, Some people believe that to stop sickness, the government should concentrate mainly on lowering environmental degradation . To begin, many people get sick because the environment is polluted with harmful contaminants such as; poor drainage systems, smoke, dust, industrial waste, chemical waste, emission, and radiation. These products are toxic to the environment and people living in the surroundings, thereby causing several illnesses. For example, In 2007, there was an outbreak of typhoid and cholera in Ogun state due to poor waste disposal and a dirty environment. In addition, some individuals are exposed to illness and diseases due to housing challenges. An increasing number of people do not have an adequate place to stay; they live in places like an uncompleted buildings, under the bridge, and overcrowded areas, which can expose them to numerous illnesses. For instance, in A recent survey conducted by a medical institute in Nigeria, it was discovered that the prevalence of Tuberculosis was rampant in overcrowded areas. These few examples made some people think that the government should shift its attention only to cutting down on housing issues and ecological pollution.

On the other hand, the high authorities should also pay attention to buying more diagnostic equipment and providing enough vaccines. The government should purchase several diagnostic tools that will diagnose diseases early. Many people are at risk of sicknesses such as hypertension, cancer, stroke, asthma, brain diseases, and diabetes, but due to a lack of equipment to diagnose and curb these illnesses early, a lot of people die as a result. For instance, To diagnose metastasis of cancer and staging, most Nigerian hospital does not have the equipment to run the test; they would rather send the collected samples to the Uk; before the results come out, the cancer has spread, and the patient may die as a result. Also, the government should shift its attention to the provisions of many vaccines. There are several outbreaks of diseases; if the higher authorities can provide enough vaccines to stop the spread of these diseases, a lot of people will be vaccinated, and sickness will be prevented. Hence, buying adequate diagnostic tools and providing enough vaccines will greatly curb the spread of illness.

To sum up, some people view that to stop illness and diseases, the people of higher authority should pay attention majorly to decreasing environmental degradation and housing challenges. Nonetheless, I completely disagree because purchasing tools to diagnose diseases and providing enough vaccines is also entirely necessary to prevent illness.

Sample 2:-Some people say that to prevent illness and disease, governments should focus more on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems

The spectrum of healthy living involves many aspects, such as mental, social, physical, and spiritual. Some say the Government has a role for preventing sickness by reducing environmental pollution . In my opinion, I am in between the notion the Government can work by setting up policies to reduce pollution drastically and should also face the healthcare sector.

Foremost, preventing illnesses can be achieved by setting up policies that would curb pollution. The Government should place more taxes on companies that produce fumes in any production. Also, policies that ban companies from setting up their offices in residential areas. For example, in Pakistani, due to the high volumes of production in oil in surrounding there has been a high rate of cancer patients. I believe this can be reduced by implementing laws to cushion the effects.

Furthermore, the Government should also be involved in improving the healthcare sector. As human beings, we tend to have a breakdown of body systems due to different factors. I believe that having a standardized healthcare facility will go a long way in preventing illnesses. For example, most developed countries have low mortality rates due to immediate response to emergencies and accessible healthcare facilities.

In conclusion, I believe that the Government should not only focus on reducing pollution and housing problems by implementing rules. But it should also be directed towards having a world-class healthcare facility to curb diseases.

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