Some People Say That We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events

Some people say that we are spending too much money on personal events such as weddings and birthdays. Why is it important to celebrate these events? Do you think we are spending too much money?

As a social animal, we can inevitably outlay money sporadically is a limited number of times in our lives; however, squandering cash for rudderless ways absolutely curtail. As an individual, I neither supported nor unsupported the above statements.

Initially, the events like marriage happen once in our lifetime. Everyone treated this as the most beautiful and unforgettable moment in our life. So, these trails are to be celebrated with our close ones, friend, and neighbors. As follows our rituals, tradition several lineups interrelated to celebrate these customs—for example, wedding apparel, ornaments, parties, vehicles, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Furthermore, compared with our older generation at birthday parties, individuals deliver more priorities to underlay celebrations. The older generation cannot get time to enjoy these types of incidents in their life because they were only targeted to cope with their family needs. The generation gap is obviously shown in the latest generation. Occasions like birthdays, feasts, promotions, and more are on the list of special occasions.

However, frequent celebrations are to be disproved in our society. These occasions put forward a ridiculous message to the individuals and even in society. For example, couples planning to marry in other countries, and some factious wedding celebrations should be banned. Another example, Mr. Mukesh Ambani chartered his daughters’ marriage one week 24/7 and spent crores following observances.

In conclusion, it may be astonishing that our memorable moments we can celebrate in captivating ways. But, keep in mind that it will not provide any untoward message to society.

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