Some People Think Cultural Traditions May Be Destroyed when They Are Used

Some People Think Cultural Traditions May Be Destroyed when They Are Used as Money-Making Attractions for Tourists. Others Believe It Is the Only Way to Save These Traditions. Discuss Both Sides and Give Your Opinion.

Although showcasing Cultural traditions is a money-making business, it helps in the preservation of the tradition, and it is said that it destroys authenticity. This essay will discuss both sides and will elaborate on how it maintains the tradition in the long run.

Many countries put up a show to attract foreign delegates displaying their old-age traditions. Various arts and crafts, along with their primitive age practices, are showcased on a miniature level. The local community also gets acquainted by bringing to life this old culture. In this fast-pacing life and globalisation, many have forgotten their pasts and are awakened to the fact. This is how it helps a particular country in conserving its culture.

Few countries have elaborate ways of displaying their old culture by fantasising and putting up an unrealistic show. This has only one goal: to attract more visitors and do business. When touring such events, even the local community gets confused for not knowing what the truth is. This is misleading.

In a place called Dubai, an annual event is held called the Global Village festival, where more than 200 countries put up their pavilions displaying various arts and crafts, representing their culture in an elaborate way, which is a pleasure to the eyes. To me, such events take us back to our roots and conserve our culture, which is why I strongly support displaying cultural traditions. However, the notion of getting cultural traditions corrupted by these shows stands true by commercial means but can be ignored for the larger picture in the long run. Had it not been for these shows, one might even forget their ancestorial roots.

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