Some People Think It Is Better for One Single Legal System Throughout the Worldwide

Some People Think It Is Better for One Single Legal System Throughout the World. Others Say Countries Should Have Their Law. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion.

There has been debate about whether, to create a better world, every country needs to work together so we can give a better future to the next generation, and to do that, first of all, every nation needs to create a specific law system that can control crime among all nations without any difference. In contrast, opposite individuals postulate that they need to have their laws. Both have their pros and cons. Therefore, before I comment on my opinion, both views must be discussed.

On the one hand, as per the opinion of formers, they have the mindset that only a single law can control the crime rate all over the world; this is mainly because, with a single rule, nations can solve and resolve conflicts between two countries that are in a war situation. For instance, recently, between Russia and Ukraine, there have been war situations, and many individuals are suffering from these situations. If countries create a law like a single system, not only can nations resolve their issues among themselves, but individuals can also live in peace.

On the other hand, considering the latter’s point of view, they believe that every country can have its own rules; the main reason behind this is that every nation has its own culture that it follows, and with a single law, it can create some issues among nations. For example, in India, there are different kinds of religious people, so their authority creates different laws for different religious groups.

In conclusion, there is no easy answer to this, but I believe that a single-rule system is not a good solution for reducing crime. Every nation needs to enact its laws to protect its rights and citizens who have different religious beliefs.

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