Some People Think It Is Good for Senior Managers to Have Much Higher Salaries

Some people think it is good for senior managers to have much higher salaries than the other workers in a company. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Some People Think It Is Good for Senior Managers to Have Much Higher Salaries

It is considered better for senior employees to receive a higher income than other employees in a company. I completely agree with this, as senior staff are more accountable for any damage to a company. Additionally, their years of experience and education make it necessary for them to claim higher wages.

To begin with, senior personnel is liable for any kind of harm to an organization. To elaborate, they are given the power and higher income for the betterment of a company. They hold their duties well and don’t hesitate to take risks on their own for the welfare of the company. The most challenging thing for them is to build cooperation among staff and for the smooth running of a company, making them feel satisfied. They do all this even at the cost of sacrificing their leisure time. Therefore, they deserve a higher salary. For example, positions like CEO, manager, or other high-level posts require decisive personnel with problem-solving abilities who can serve as a pillar for a company.

Moreover, experience and education are other factors that make senior staff need to claim higher income. Senior workers have a good academic record and experience, which enables them to understand how a company can survive during hard times. Their education and experience set them apart from other workers, as they have spent a large amount of money on education and devoted many years to retaining their position in the same company. For instance, managers or directors require well-educated, experienced staff. Other workers with less experience and insufficient educational qualifications cannot occupy their place in a company. This personnel cannot demand higher income. At this point, senior staff are valued more than other workers.


In conclusion, senior workers deserve higher salaries than other workers due to carrying out more duties and sacrificing their own interests for the upliftment of a company. Besides, their qualifications and experience distinguish them from other staff in receiving a handsome income.

Sample 2 Some People Think It Is Good for Senior Managers to Have Much Higher Salaries

Some argue that higher-level managers should be paid more than other employees in a company. Although there must be reasonable wages for all workers, I believe that senior management staff should be eligible to receive significantly higher pay scales, as they are the individuals who face more risk when making crucial decisions about the company and directing the workforce.

In terms of decision-making, managers hold more responsibility and accountability for the company, which is not typically held by other staff. In other words, senior-level managers are required to find appropriate solutions for issues related to investments and profits. If they fail to provide the best solutions, they may sometimes be at risk of losing their careers. In this case, managers should be paid more than other categories due to the risks they take. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 30% of companies worldwide removed their managerial staff as a result of being unable to retain profits for the organization.

Furthermore, all other staff members are guided by managers. Managing human resources is not an easy task, as it requires more focus and commitment. Managers need to handle problems among staff while simultaneously achieving the given goals. This multitasking ability of senior managers should be appreciated by offering competitive salaries because other employees do not face these critical situations. For instance, recent research has revealed that managerial professionals in the USA are paid more than others due to their effort to manage staff to achieve goals.

In conclusion, while better wages should be provided for all staff members, managers should be paid well as they are responsible for their decisions and the staff who work under them.

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