Some People Think People Can Exploit Animals for Any Purpose They Need

Some people think people can exploit animals for any purpose they need, while others do not think so. What is your opinion?

The discussion about whether or not animals should be used for the benefit of humans is a very debatable one. Some individuals are of the opinion that we can exploit animals for our benefit. Others hold the opposite view. It is necessary to look at both sides of the argument before forming an opinion.

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Animals have always been used by humans in many different ways, for example, as food, for work, and in research. Using animals for food reflects what happens throughout the animal kingdom where carnivorous, or meat-eating, animals kill other animals for food. Humans have achieved dominance over animals and are able to use them to work, for example in the fields or to pull carts and other transport. Animals undoubtedly suffer during medical research, but this research may prevent humans from suffering in the future.

Many people, however, argue that it is wrong to cause suffering to animals for the benefit of humans. Meat is not a necessary part of our diet, and there are many healthy vegetarians around the world who prove this. Technology has largely replaced the use of animals in the fields and for transport. Research carried out on animals is often not valid for human cases as an animal’s reactions may be very different from those of a human. There are useful alternative forms of research available now, such as the use of tissue cell cultures. More and more people are unhappy to cause suffering to animals if there is an alternative.

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In my opinion, though, it is necessary to use animals for the benefit of humans. Through their use, the quality of life for humans can be improved, and this is more important than the quality of life for animals.

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