Some People Think Printed Books Are No Longer Necessary in This Digital Era

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Some people think printed books are no longer necessary in this digital era as well writing can be stored electronically. Others believe that printed books still play important roles. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Think Printed Books Are No Longer Necessary in This Digital Era

It has been argued that printed material is not needed in this technocratic era as books or any piece of writing can be stored on a laptop, mobile or computer. Others disagree with it by saying that concrete books still play an indispensable role. In my perspective, an electronic medium to store writing is a convenient way. It reduces the burden of carrying heavy books and allows one to read any book at any time.

According to the former point of view, books are heavier, and individuals have access to reading a lot. To explicate, printed books have a great mass, such as cover and binding. One can carry a few books, but most of the time, individuals give up the idea of taking them. For instance, school learners avoid taking heavy books as they have the provision to read them on their mobile phones or laptops. Thus, they can access many books at a time. Besides, individuals are considered backward for not utilising the advantage of technology, which is easily available at just one click. Reading books online makes them knowledgeable and updateses them with the latest technology.

According to the latter point of view, concrete books are still important because they do not affect vision, and these keep the person’s interest from beginning to end. To explicate, when masses read from a book, they have less effect on their eyes, and they can spend more time reading than reading from electronic devices. The glare from them makes it impossible for learners to read, and they feel headache and giddy. For example, many people have to wear spectacles, and they have to abandon their habit of reading due to this physiological problem. Besides, reading a book can maintain the interest of a person till the end. Illustrations, acts or changes in places entertain the people, developing their curiosity.

To conclude, it is clear that the weight and availability of storing information on laptops or computers make printed material obsolete. While physical problems arise from reading from electronic gadgets, making concrete books are still important, and it keeps the interest of the persons throughout the reading.

Sample 2 Some People Think Printed Books Are No Longer Necessary in This Digital Era

The rise of digital technology has undoubtedly impacted the way we consume and store information. This has led to a debate over whether printed books are still necessary in the digital era. While some people argue that traditional books are becoming obsolete, others believe that they still play important roles. In this essay, I will examine both views and provide my opinion on the matter.

On the one hand, proponents of digital technology argue that printed books are no longer necessary. They believe that storing information electronically is more efficient and convenient than traditional books. For instance, ebooks can be downloaded and accessed instantly from anywhere in the world. Additionally, they take up less space, making it easier to store a large number of books without cluttering up your home. Moreover, electronic books are generally cheaper than printed books, making them more accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, supporters of traditional books argue that they still play a vital role in our lives. First and foremost, printed books offer a sensory experience that cannot be replicated by digital technology. The feel and smell of a book, the sound of turning pages, and the weight of it in your hands all contribute to the reading experience. Additionally, printed books can be more visually appealing than digital books. The artistry and design of a printed book can enhance the reading experience and contribute to the overall aesthetic value of the book. Furthermore, there is something special about the physical act of giving someone a book as a gift or receiving one as a treasured possession.

In my opinion, both views have their merits, and the debate is not a simple one. While digital technology has undoubtedly made accessing information more convenient, there is something to be said for the sensory and aesthetic experience of reading a traditional book. Moreover, while electronic books may be cheaper, they are not necessarily more accessible to everyone, as not everyone has access to a computer or e-reader.

In conclusion, while digital technology has undoubtedly impacted the way we consume and store information, I believe that printed books still play an important role in our lives. While digital technology offers convenience and efficiency, traditional books offer a unique sensory and aesthetic experience that cannot be replicated by electronic books. Therefore, I believe that both digital and printed books have their place in our lives, and we should embrace both forms of technology.

Sample 3 Some People Think Printed Books Are No Longer Necessary in This Digital Era

It is believed by a group of individuals that in this modern world, there is no need for printed books, and electronic devices should be used for storing data. However, others argue that printed material is also essential. This essay intends to analyze both views along with my opinion in impending paragraphs.

To commence with, there is a myriad of reasons why printed books are no more necessary. The predominant one is that it affects the environment since, in order to make paper, people cut trees. Moreover, it is not only expensive but also inconvenient to carry, whereas thousand of electronic books are easily available on the internet, which is free of cost.

However, there are certain reasons why printing is still important. Firstly, e-books affect people’s health in different ways. In other words, when people use electronic devices continuously, their eyesight becomes low. Also, when they sit in front of the computer screen for a long time, it also causes back pain.

To conclude, both views have their own importance. However, I believe e-books are more important than traditional books because it is less expensive as well as easy to carry.
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