Some People Think That Cooking Is an Important Skill for Young People to Learn

Some people think that cooking is an important skill for young people to learn. Others believe that it is better for people to learn how to cook after they become adults. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, most people are interested in cooking irrespective of their age and sex. It is a debatable issue that most of the members in India are arguing regarding cooking is essential or not. Some people argue that cooking is an essential skill for young people perhaps. Others assist that people have to learn cooking after a certain age. In this essay, I would like to discuss both views, including relevant examples.

Firstly, every person has some skills that come out whenever it is crucial. But during young age people has to study rather than cooking. Because they are not aware of the kitchen as well as they can harm themselves. For instance, there is a strict law that young people should not do any works at home. To conclude, people below the age of 12 are not supposed to do any household work or any kitchen work that can harm them.

On the other hand, during this pandemic time, most people cook on their own instead of eating outside food. Every individual has to learn to cook at a certain age. In addition, if they are learning basic cooking things, it is beneficial for them when they are in need. Of course, there are a lot of websites and Youtube channels that they can easily learn within a fraction of time. For instance, Cooking in your home can save you money as well as health. Because eating outside food can spoil your health without any reason. As I have personally encountered many problems after eating outside food.

To recapitulate, Cooking is essential in everyone’s life but at a certain age. Without harming ourselves plays a crucial role.


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