Talk About a Curtain That You Like Latest Cue Card

Talk About a Curtain That You Like Latest Cue Card

Which curtain is it?
When and where did you see it?
What it looks like?
Why did you like it so much?

Sample 1

I want to depict a curtain that recently gave the order for my house.

The curtain looks like a combination of black and red with a little blur photo of a self-portrait of mine. Just 1 year ago my family and I went to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party. There I have encountered many wall paintings and portraits. In one of her childhood bedroom, I have seen one curtain made of linen cloth with a self-portrait. So, I have given order and made for my bedroom.

But, I have made a curtain with nylon cloth with a non-dustable curtain. Which looks like drapes, but it is the curtain. It looks just like wallpaper which can easily clean. After seeing it in my friend’s house, I thought this is a good idea of having wallpaper or portrait on our curtains rather than flower decorative photos.

Sample 2

Furniture is part of house decoration, without is just like boxes. I like a curtain that is useful in summer. Today i would like to talk about the curtain which  I like most.

It is my uncle’s remote certain. My uncle is a successful businessman; they are rich; thus, they buy expensive and morden things. They have several furniture stuff, but I like certain. 5 months ago, I went to the house with my family, in the guest room they have a big window, they’re a big certain.

It has two basic layers, inner and outer. We can manage it by remote controller. The outer layer is only for decoration purpose; it is made of superior quality fabric, which is also expensive, although the inner is the main part made of cotton. We can also lay down and sleep upon it.

Certain is useful to block bright sunlight and dust. We also have a big window, I like it because sometimes I need to step up and open or close the curtain while it has a remote hence we can easily be done by from some distance, as well as it is also decorative.

Part 3 Follow-Ups for Talk About a Curtain That You Like Latest Cue Card

Question: – what kind of curtains do you like at your home?

In the past, I use to have simple and plain curtains. But after seeing them, I get bored of them. So, now I have self-portrait photos curtains in all our bedrooms and one of the family photo portrait in my living area.

Or, I usually love modern curtains although I haven’t it in my home we have a classical curtain which was given by my grandmother to my mom.

Question:- what do you think shopping through social sites is better?

In fact, nowadays, online shopping is going famous rather than real shopping. We all are doing virtual shopping during this pandemic time, and we have enough varieties of choices online rather than in shops.

Or, Online shopping has its own pros and cons, we can purchase any items online and get in a short time, able to compare price and features, sometimes social sites provide health discounts.

Question:- What type of clothes do people wear after their jobs?

Frankly speaking, to kick off the day after the stressful job in the entire day, I usually relax wearing T-shirts and shorts. I think most of the people wear the same like T-shirts or nightdresses like that.

Question:- in your country, do males and females have the same choice of purchasing things?

I think it is their individual choices. No one has the same choice for purchasing any of the items. Only we can find 10 % where common interests match.

Or, Well to be honest no, male prefer stuff that is essential and required however, female choose the things that they like, they also compare price with others as well as the majority of purchasing things are fashionable.

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