Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning

Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1: Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning

A few people argue that it is more necessary to enjoy the present than make plans for the future for both the individuals and the nation. I completely agree with it, as it stops a nation from using its economy for long-term projects. In addition, living in the present makes people enjoy the current moments as life is too short to enjoy.

At the outset, If a country enjoys its present rather than making plans. It will not waste its money on long-term projects. To elaborate, many nations spend a hefty budget of their economy on long-term projects and avoid sorting out day-to-day problems that their citizens face. If it utilizes money for space exploration, it does not have any benefit to oppressed people. Instead, it must solve the problem of unemployment and poverty to make people independent. Plans ruin a lot of money for a government and can make a country penniless. The hour of need is to care for its people by diminishing their problems. For example, a lot of bucks are spent on making space exploration possible and also making an active virus of a lethal disease. If scientists fail in the first attempt, they continue their efforts until they succeed. So, it is wise to solve present problems rather than making plans.

On the other hand, it is also beneficial for individuals to enjoy the present than planning for the future. Mainly because life is too short to enjoy, to explain it, the lifespan of people has dramatically decreased. Instead of enjoying their current stage, they run after money and avoid pleasure in their life. A hectic work schedule has escalated their stress. As a result, they repent later by thinking about losing time, which they should enjoy. And they remain unhappy with their life and exaggerate their stress. This stress becomes a cause of their death. To exemplify it, today, many youngsters are losing their lives because of the heavy stress of building careers, investing in the share market, and other projects. Neither do they enjoy their present, nor do they remain alive to see their future success. Thus, this approach only dismays them.

To conclude, it is clear that to enjoy the present is more beneficial for individuals as well as for countries to avoid wastage of money, which can resolve many current problems of its citizens. Besides, people can enjoy more because life is too short to enjoy. So, people must enjoy the present to avoid unnecessary stress, which emerges by focusing on future planning.

Sample 2: Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning

In this competitive age, every individual is running toward success and making money. They only think about how they can improve their future while forgetting to live in the present. On the contrary, living in the present is more important for themselves and the Country. I partially disagree with this statement, but for the next generation, we need to think in the present so we can make our next stage of life better. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain ideas that support this view.

To begin with, pluck in the day is happy for a person and a nation because if folks are not happy in the present, then they can struggle to make the next day better. In addition, living in the present is not only beneficial for people’s physical health but also has a positive impact on their mental health. For example, an individual who is always concerned about the next day of his life and thinks about how he makes money is likely to forget to enjoy time with his family and sometimes not interact with other people, which makes him mentally ill.

On the other hand, thinking carefully about the future is a fantastic idea to change the current situation. Moreover, thinking about the future also affects the decisions that people make; they will know how to deal with unexpected situations and how to handle them. In other words, planning for the future is necessary so that they can understand both sides of the situation. Take a survey carried out by the New York Times as an example. Individuals who do not have consciousness about the likelihood of stepbacks tend to suffer from anxiety and depression.

In conclusion, enjoying moments with family members is important, as is their mental health, but at the same time, thinking about the future is also acceptable. Thus, individuals who organize their thoughts have a better chance of making their decisions.

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