Some People Think that Introducing New Technology Can Improve People’s

Some people think that introducing new technology can improve people’s quality of life in the developing countries. However, others believe that free education should be offered. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Education and technology are instruments for accelerating development in the developing countries. The issue of debate is whether new technology should be provided in developing countries or free education should be offered. I believe that a combination of education and technology has to be given.

Those in favor of providing free education say that these countries need education before anything else. For the majority of underdeveloped countries, the quality of life is deteriorating despite several decades of development efforts. The gap between the developed and underdeveloped countries is therefore widening by the minute. It is very imperative that swift steps be taken to bridge this knowledge gap without which the economic and social disparity will widen even more rapidly. A good educational system should focus on laying the best foundation of knowledge and skill that are laid during the first years of education. What these countries need is good education and training that can match the technology revolution.

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Supporters of technology say that most educational institutions in these countries lack quality educational materials. Library collections have become out of date and the laboratory equipment is most often old. Therefore, it would seem almost impossible for these countries to setup efficient educational systems without the availability of multimedia and information technology.

What is more, students can use technologies to access courses not available at their school; rural students can complete their studies without leaving their communities, and adults can take advantage of a more flexible study schedule. Cultural development will also benefit as knowledge-bases of art, culture and history can be easily created, made widely accessible and easily updated.

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To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that the best possible thing to do would be to provide both education and technology simultaneously. It would also be a much cheaper alternative to provide education with the help of technology.

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