Some People Think that It Is Better to Educate Boys and Girls in Separate Schools

Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Think that It Is Better to Educate Boys and Girls in Separate Schools

The issue of the present is the issue of the arrangement of the school. Generally, some people espouse the notion that teaching boys and girls in different schools are imperative. I opine that it is prominent to educate both boys and girls on the same campus or same class. This essay will scrutinize both aspects of the quandary in the ensuing paragraphs.

To begin with, proponents believe that girls and boys educate separately because of their safety so that they learn more independently without any fear. Furthermore, separating both genders in school is cardinal as they can not distract during some other activities. In addition, females feel more comfortable with females, and boys feel more convenient with boys, so this leads to a better atmosphere at schools, and learners easily concentrate more on their studies. For example, in Australia, the government separated boys’ and girls’ schools because of safety, and these things positively impacted education students were more intelligent than in the past.

Secondly, I vehemently believe that males and females should educate in the same class to bring harmony to schools, which positively impacts students. Also, they can get to know each other and acquire collaborating skills if they educate in the same schools. Moreover, boys and girls are educated in the same schools because it is a win-win situation for both, for they can fathom their opposite gender, and in the future, this will help if they work at the office. To exemplify, in the survey of 2012, which was conducted by an educational authority, 70% of students learned about how to cooperate with another gender.

In conclusion, considering these points from a personal perspective, without a shadow of a doubt. I am inclined to believe that it is suitable for boys and girls to educate at the same schools.

Sample 2 Some People Think that It Is Better to Educate Boys and Girls in Separate Schools

In today’s generation, girls and boys must pursue education to live a good life. There are some controversies about whether girls should take their education from separate schools for girls. When some argue that both should study at combined schools, well, in that case, I will support the latter view.

If separate schooling is provided to girls and boys, it will make their minds conscious. At some point, they will not be able to coordinate and end up being uncomfortable and altered socializing at their workplace. One will hesitate or be aggressive while putting their point in front of the other. They will lack understanding due to less or no interaction with that gender. Moreover, in the developmental stage, they can provide a good sort of knowledge and guidance to each other. For instance, one study carried out by the University of California has shown that men can understand women 73% better than any other woman and give honest reviews and suggestions.

On the flip side, some people with narrow mindsets and old school mentality opine that girls and boys should not study at the same school to avoid their interaction. Sometimes their concern is much or less related to competition prevailing in the class ranking, where these people tend to believe that girls should not beat boys. They find it quite offensive. Perhaps there is another reason, and some parents are worried for their daughter’s safety as they have heard a lot of news and incidents about boys bothering and bullying girls. So being protective parents, they favour the view that girls should study in separate schools from boys.

To sum up, there are so many arguments which can be put forward to justify both views. All in all, I think girls and boys should study in one place. Every problem can be overcome with some sort of knowledge, and students will get more options for schools and quality education as there are many combined-gender schools.

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