Describe a Person Who Likes To Grow Plants

Describe a person who likes to grow plants

Who the person is
How do you know the person
What type of plants does he/she grow
Why does he/she grow plants

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who Likes To Grow Plants

Well, I have decided to talk about my neighbour because he’s a real tree hugger. When I immediately read this cue card, he is the only person who springs to mind because his passion for home gardening has always inspired me. His name is Mr Sodhi, and he is a banker By profession. However, he is more passionate about gardening, which makes him more prevalent in my locality.

I came to know about him around two years back when he and his family shifted to our neighbourhood. I must tell you, the majority of the time, he is seen in his garden looking after his plants. I was so surprised to see his entire terrace and backyard fully covered with a variety of flowers and plants.

He has excellent knowledge about plants as he belongs to a farming background, and he learnt all farming skills in early childhood, such as how to grow plants organically and what nutrition they need to resist diseases and Pests.

He grows a multitude of flowers in colourful pots of different shapes and sizes. Along with this, he also cultivated domestically used plants like vegetables, fruits and spices. There is also an Enchanting Oaktree on his lawn, and I must say his garden is in a class by itself.

Apart from this, he has developed many techniques to grow plants in waste bins, boxes, and trays, Which do not require huge space. These plants not only get exceptional growth but also can give a good yield.

Besides this, one interesting fact that attracts me to gardening is some of the plants and spices he has grown in water without Soil.

Honestly speaking, after seeing this, I also tried to grow coriander in water, but Unluckily I failed. Later I took advice from my neighbour, Mr Sodhi, who taught me the correct technique to grow spices without Soil. No doubt, he is an expert in hydroponic farming.

Undoubtedly he grows plants because he is passionate about them. Moreover, he supports organic farming, so that’s why he wants to educate people about plantations without chemicals and insecticides. Besides this, he also teaches people to convert kitchen waste into compost that works as fertilizer. Lastly, he’s not doing this for money, but he aims to educate people about kitchen gardening, terrace gardening and hydroponic farming. All in all, he is the person whom I know who grows plants and inspires others to do the same

follow-ups Describe a Person Who Likes To Grow Plants

Question 1 What kind of plants do people like to grow in their homes?

Answer – In homes, people grow various useful flowering and non-flowering plants. In flowering plants, they like to grow rose jasmine, Marigold and so on. Apart from this, some people love to grow medicinal plants like Neem, Aloe vera and basil. Else to this, some people love to grow decorative plants like bamboo plants, money plants And many more.

Question 2 Do people in India like to gift plants?

Answer – Not really; very few People like to give plants as a gift to others. However, it is common to see on world environment Day when many organisations and NGOs gift plants to people for growing. On the other hand, Some people who believe in Vastu like to give bamboo plants to their loved ones as a gift, and this trend is gaining popularity Day by Day.

Question 3 Are there many people growing their own vegetables?

Answer – Yes, these days, because of so much use of chemicals on fruits and vegetables, people have started growing some plants and vegetables at home. People are doing it whether it is a kitchen Garden or a terrace garden. In fact, nowadays, Hydroponic farming is also In trend because of land shortage.

Question 4 Do you think it is good to let kids learn how to grow plants?

Answer – Yes, definitely! It is An excellent idea. There are many benefits of doing this; first of all, kids can understand how plants work and are essential for our existence. Apart from this, the caring plant is a super relaxing and calming activity. What is more, In future they may convert their Leisure time activity into their profession And who knows, a future botanist or an agriculture scientist may be hidden in them.

Question 5 What do you think of the job of a farmer?

Answer – Well, farmers are doing a tremendous job for humanity. They grow food for us, sweat, and thrive in weather conditions sometimes; they also face heavy financial debt. They are real heroes who feed humanity and get paid nominally in return. The farmer’s job has become stiff, and the extra burden of loans and responsibility has made their situation Miserable.

Question 6 What is the difference between traditional and modern agriculture?

Answer – Well, traditional farming does not use Harmful chemicals and Insecticides, which disturb the ecological balance and degrade nutrition. In contrast, contemporary practice has usually relied on artificial aids, Like chemical fertilizers, growth promoters, pesticides, insecticides, etc.
Moreover, In traditional agriculture the main motto is quality and Nutritious food, whereas recent techniques focus on quantity and profitability.

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