Some People Think the Money They Earn Should Be Enjoyed by Spending It Now

Some people think the money they earn should be enjoyed by spending it now, while others think their earnings should be saved for the future. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer of Some People Think the Money They Earn Should Be Enjoyed by Spending It Now

Some employees often think that they should make use of their salary instantly as they earn it. Meanwhile, another set argues that keeping the money for future purposes is the best. However, this essay will look into the two sides of the argument while I develop my own side of the opinions.

In the first place, those who argue that salary should be enjoyed straightaway have their reasons for saying so. One, for the fact that you are working in an organization, you are expected to look good because, directly or indirectly, you are an ambassador of that establishment. For instance, a banker is not to be looked tattered. Therefore, you need to spend your wages as you have it. One of the cogent reasons for instant spending of salary is that nobody knows when the last breath comes. Therefore, it is advisable to enjoy one’s money when he or she is still alive than keeping it till a future time that one cannot predict. For example, in my workplace, Mr Steve was a very hardworking man who used to save almost 70% of his salary but accidentally died while his retirement remained four years.

In another way around, those who support reserving their salary until a later time argue this because of some reasonable purposes. First of all, in my country, as a civil servant, you will need to save a larger part of your salary before you can engage in a capital project. For example, a certain part of your wages will need to go into cooperative society before you can access the loan. Therefore, it is necessary to save your salary if you want to achieve a big project like housing. In addition to this is the necessity to save money for retirement. For example, salary earners need to secure part of their salary till when they will live their job.

To conclude, both views are justified by their reasons, however, as much as it is good to look nice by spending your remuneration as you collect it, I am of the opinion that it is better to reserve a larger part of it till future for the sake of capital projects and retirement purpose.

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