Describe your favourite animal IELTS Speaking

Describe your favourite animal IELTS Speaking

You Should Say:

  • what kind of animal it is
  • describe it briefly
  • why you like this animal
  • and describe why it is your favourite animal.

Sample Answer of Describe your favourite animal IELTS Speaking

I would like to talk about my favourite animal from my childhood onwards. First off, my favourite animal is a cat—Whilst, many people like cats, including dogs. In my perspective, irrespective of any animal, we have to take care of them. The cat looks like a tiny animal, but no one can harm them. Even cats can jump from a building without any harm to their bodies. It is just because of its skin. Its eyes are different compared to all animals because cat eyes look like a white ball instead of black.

I like this animal because it does not harm anyone and also, it can be very friendly with humans. It can easily survive without humans or without our interruption.

I wouldn’t say I like any kind of animal in the past, but one day I saw a cat that looks pretty attractive, and I also owned the cat, and now it is at the home. It helps me with all things in the house. All in all, we have to secure animals from man.

Sample 2

Human being chose to like things base on their different reasons. The same thing is applicable to animals. Some chose different categories of animals as their favourites purposely because of what they see in them.

I would like to speak on the dog being my favourite animal. A dog is a mammal; it is also a domestic animal. It standouts out of several animals because of its unique natures. We have different categories of dogs, and there are giant ones, medium-sized ones, short or shorter ones etc. Likewise, the dogs are indifferent looks or appearance; there are dogs with flat eras while some with long ears, there are ones with long tails, but some are with very short tails.

Unlike several other animals, a dog is rare for many reasons such as security, as a pet, investigative purposes, business, to mention but few. The dog can bear up to twelve children at birth. Dog babies are referred to as puppies. A dog is both an omnivorous and carnivorous animal.

I like a dog for many reasons, one, their friendly nature. Some dogs are very friendly to the extent of following their owners or families anywhere they go. I like a dog because you can easily communicate with them. For example, with common eyes contact, you pass information to dogs, and they will act. Also, for security reasons, I like a dog.

In my country, many houses keep dogs so as to safeguard their house against any criminal act. The dog is chosen as my favourite because of its special natures, such as the ability to understand when the owner communicates with them.

Follow-up Questions of Describe your favourite animal IELTS Speaking

Question:- What do you need to do to take care of it?

There are many ways to take care of a dog, especially one who will constantly visit a veterinarian for proper checkups because a dog can easily contract the disease. For a dog to look good, there is a need for good feedings. Therefore, dogs need good food just like the human being too. In addition to that, shelter is important too as part of care for a dog. No matter how close is a dog to its owner, it needs its separate accommodation in the compound.

Question:- What’s the future trend of the animal?

As a matter of fact, a dog will continue to enjoy popularity and closeness to a human being because of the rapid growth of its breeding. In my country, hardly will you see a house without a dog. More so, the security agents such as Army, police and other paramilitary are training dogs for security purposes. For this reason, I can categorically say that dog would continue to reign.

Question:- How do you think of the poaching of some precious animals such as pandas?

The stealing of some wonderful animals such as pandas is not good in our society. First and foremost, it is a criminal offence to poach. The best one can find a judicious means of acquiring his own pet rather than thieving another man’s animal. This idea can lead to a decrease in these categories of pets if care is not taken.

Question:- What should we do to protect endangered animals?

One of the best things to do is secure a separate abode for them—for example, Lion. Lion cannot be kept at home; the best place is to be caged at the zoo. Also, another dangerous animal will need to be injected with a vaccine that can reduce their venoms.

Question:- Do you support doing experiments on animals?

Hmmm, I don’t really like to perform an experiment on animals because of my feelings. I want to believe that animals also have felt the way we human being do. For example, I know how painful it is if I sustain an injury accident. Therefore, I don’t agree to carry out experiments on animals. Now that we are in the computer age, there is no issue without a solution via the internet. We can easily go on the internet to find out about any research on the animal instead of direct performance on the animals.

Question:- Why do some people refuse to eat animals?

The reason is because of their feelings. Such people believe that eating a slice of meat from animals is like eating their own flesh. Therefore, they prefer to be vegetarians than eating meat.

Question:- What would happen when some species disappear on earth?

Hmmm.. definitely, the extinction of such animals will be a great loss. It is the only history that would keep the memory alive for the generation to come, for example, the dinosaur.

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