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Some People Think the Primary Purpose of Schools Is to Turn Children Into Good Citizens and Workers

Some People Think the Primary Purpose of Schools Is to Turn Children Into Good Citizens and Workers

Some people think the primary purpose of schools is to turn children into good citizens and workers, rather than to benefit them as individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample 1 Some People Think the Primary Purpose of Schools Is to Turn Children Into Good Citizens and Workers

Irrefutable, alma mater plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, owing to which it is generally argued whether the primary purpose of the school is to become a scholar or a social worker. I largely disagree with the notion because schools should teach ethics and enhance skills.

To commence, there are myriad reasons why the school’s motive is to teach ethics to learners. This is because, provided that, the institute should teach moral principles to the students. So, they behave properly with their loved ones rather than in abusive behaviour. Take Canada as an epitome, which showed approximately 78 % of the school should teach moral education to their children as good citizens. As a result, it is a justified boon for them.

Another benefit of the school is that it also enhances different skills, as the institute plays an indispensable role in holistic development. In other words, because of teachers in the education centre, children learn various lessons which are fruitful for the development of mankind. In 2016, the headline of BBC British Broadline company revealed that nearly 56% of the population learnt skills from their school that benefit their life. Consequently, it is constructive development for them.

On the other hand, some people opine that the very purpose of the school is to convert the child into good social citizens. To elaborate more, schools encourage children in order to become social workers as they assist needy individuals in their life. Besides this, it is also beneficial for their not solely motor skills ability but also physical development. Therefore, it is a positive epoch for them.

Having concluded, although the motive of the education centre is for students to become social workers, due to the institute, aspirants acquire various kinds of knowledge and learn ethics.

Sample 2 Some People Think the Primary Purpose of Schools Is to Turn Children Into Good Citizens and Workers

Schools play a crucial role in building a path towards establishing a student’s identity as a person. The development of the education system over the years has determined the standards of the nation and its work culture. This essay supports the thought that the education system should focus on mentoring students to be good individuals that will ultimately make them good citizens and employees.

The ancient Indian schooling system was ideal for the training of the pupil. Their childhood used to go to boarding schools known as Gurukul. Unlike today’s teaching methodology, knowledge was transformed by several theoretical and practical means. Children used to be trained to face real-life challenges by the time they left Gurukul. Their passing criteria were not only the knowledge of the subject but also understanding its morals and application of it in real life. This system focused on the student’s individual growth, subconsciously turning them into better in every aspect of life.

On the other hand, today’s teaching is protocoled and monotonous and does not awaken students’ consciousness. Therefore, particular emphasis is given to social etiquette so that they can survive in modern society. Students’ individuality is not taken into account there, for this system fails when it comes to the ultimate formation of excellent and healthy institutions for living. To elaborate, scholars of the school times are rewarded with good pay and designations, and they prove their professional expertise successfully. Still, most of their personal lives are ruined due to their lacking knowledge of moral education, which is essential in building their personality.

To conclude, It is intensely disagreeable that to education system practising social norms over the individuality of the system.

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