Some Say That Due to Heavy Traffic Government Needs to Build More Roads

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Some say that due to heavy traffic government needs to build more roads in metropolitan cities. At the same time, others argue that this is not the right solution. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

In this modern world, traffic is increasing with increase in population some suggest that government build new roads. In contrast, few opposite this thought I totally agree with the idea of not Building New roads rather controlling the traffic.
First and foremost, Government should understand that Building New roads in metropolitan cities are never a solution to traffic problems. As the number of roads will increase there will be an increase in the number of vehicles on these roads also for example if a government is developing a new Lena road on its completion people use that road either for a shortcut to their destination or use it as a way to save their time as the new road will have less hurdle and cracks and holes in the net so they do not have to do breaking of their vehicle so much which in turn will save their precious time, but this will not have any adverse effect on the traffic the number of the vehicles on the roads will keep on increasing until the government takes necessary steps to control the traffic by limiting the number of vehicles on the road.

Moreover, one of the other reasons it is not the right solution to building new roads is that it is a wastage of land resources. To be clear, the construction of new roads will take away acres of land from agriculture, affecting the economy of the farmers that lead to an impact on the revenue of that particular place. However, the argument of building new roads to reduce heavy traffic by the government is mainly because of wastage of time and fuel spent in the traffic blocks but if the same traffic can be managed by endorsing new rules to limit private vehicles and encourage and improve public transport facility which can reduce heavy traffic to a larger extent.

To sum up, after analyzing the argument of building roads by the public sector and the opposite view that it is not the only right solution, it is evident that if government take initiatives to control the number of private vehicles by increasing taxes and parking charges, and also by developing public transportation system it can not only control heavy traffic, but also it will be a great help for the next generation by saving fuel, time and life from accidents.

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