Some Think Increasing Business and Cultural Contact Between Nations Is Positive

Some think increasing business and cultural contact between nations is positive. Others think it leads to the disappearance of the national identity. Discuss both views and state your own opinion

Owing to globalisation, Is it not true that the world has become a single village? Apparently, not only does the small companies are turning themselves into business giants by taking advantage of this phenomenon but also people are getting aware of the international cultural trends. More often than not, many folks, along with my perspective, are in favour of promoting this while another school of thought opine differently and reckon on the fact of disappearing national identity and values. I think it’s up to the individual’s level of perception and choices in order to accept the international trends.

Considering, small organisations in small cities are not growing tremendously for no reason. A case in point is painstaking research by The Economy Times in 2019, which revealed the fact that six out of ten small businesses in India had paved the way in association with making profits and increasing clientage from foreign lands. Countries like India, where people have the capability to manufacture handmade products, can easily export to other countries and can generate financial gains for a better lifestyle. Handbags made in Rajasthan and traditional footwears in Punjab are products that are not only being sold in the international market but also depicts the traditions and culture of India. People tend to learn a lot about different countries by buying their manufactured products.

Notwithstanding the positive side, there are certain masses who have the perception about losing their national identity and the actual meaning of culture and traditional legacy; People tend to learn about foreign cultures and try to live their life in accordance with them forgetting their real cultural values behind. In terms of market, with the increasing demands and changing international fashion trends, even the regional manufacturing units are altering their patterns of making traditional products to get better income. Simplest example can be the manufacturing and designing of Indowestern dresses that arises from the fusion of Indian and Western wear is widely accepted in the Indian and foreign m, market, a Few years back this was not the case when the business and cultural contact was less among the nations.

To conclude, undoubtedly with the sharing of businesses and cultural aspects among the nation, small and regional organisations are getting advantage; however, our national identity is taking the back seat. I believe, if the individuals or the company owners who sell their products in the global market do not let their selling criteria in the personal lives of adapting foreign culture, then this would eventually help them to regain the profits without any hindrance to the true cultural value; lest the traditional legacy will remain only into the books and not in the lifestyle.

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