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Some Companies Sponsor Sports as a Way to Advertise Themselves

Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves

Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think it is good while others think there are disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Sample 1

These days the majority of companies are approaching various strategies such as sponsoring sports events to increase their sales. Some opine that this strategy is not only promoting the games largely but also providing a platform for new players whereas others believe that companies are now selling low quality and health hazardous products by advertising these on the sports events. However, both points of view need to be addressed before formulating the opinion.

To begin with, one of the major benefits of sponsoring sports events is its significance of promoting any game and it also increases the income of companies. Due to fewer funds for particular games by the government, people are losing their interest in these games. So when companies sponsor these games largely definitely they will more likely to watch these games. Thus this will help in promoting any sport. Secondly, sponsorship for events can provide a platform for new talented players.

On the other hand, by organizing sports events the majority of companies are selling low-quality products and products which have a negative impact on health. As tobacco and liquor manufacture companies are advertising their products by organizing sports events and these products are extremely harmful to health in general. For example, Kingfisher is basically a wine supplier company but this is using the ground of sporting events in order to boost its income nevertheless wine has negative on the human body.

To sum up, Certainly, sponsoring sports events is not only promoting sports but also providing chances to new sportsmen. However, the negative outcomes of these promotions can not be denied. I personally believe that whether companies are promoting games for their own interest but these are beneficial for promoting sports at all.

Sample 2

The way of advertisement has changed over time, nowadays sponsorship is common among the other ways. Some argued that there are many benefits to advertising, while other people think it has more drawbacks. Both views are valid, in my opinion, the advantages more than disadvantages

On the one hand, some people claimed that advertising is modern art and it a key part of modern business. The most obvious advantage is that companies can tell us about their product, without it we have fewer choices. For example, most of the people know Nick and Adidas brand through their advertising in the world cup of football. Also, advertising is a creative industry that employs many people, without it, there would be high unemployment.

On the other hand, although, there are advantages of sponsorship they are also some disadvantages. Sometimes advertisements can manipulate people, especially in cloth trends. Furthermore, as we live in consumer culture, advertisement companies persuade us to follow the latest trend and encouraged us to associate a certain brand with a higher status. Moreover, children can easily be influenced by advertisement and some of them put pressure on a parent to buy think. For instance, my smallest brother asked my father to upgrade his phone with every new series.

To sum-up, the benefit of sponsorships is a controversial topic, in my point of view the advantages of it overweight the disadvantages.

Sample 3

There is irrefutably true that some companies advertise their products by sponsor sports activities. some individuals opine that there are advantages to the public . while others think that these are disadvantages .in this essay l am going to discuss both opinions before reaching my opinion.

To commence with, advantages first and foremost advantage is that these advertise to make the people aware of new companies. Which are newly launch ed in the market and they get to know about there products and can get benefits of various products? Moreover, it also opens the vistas of employment for the people as these companies give employment to a large amount of population. Furthermore, it also give benefit to the government because the government will not have to spend a big chunk of money on sports equipment and dresses of sports players. last but not least, the benefit is that these companies pay a high amount of taxes to the government it will help the government to make the process in-country.

On the flip side, it has disadvantages thanks to it sometime can promote the companies which have not good products. because people believe that sports person use always better things the faith in these advertisements indiscriminately which lead to they will not get satisfied with the companies products.

Summing up, given the above-mentioned information, it is quite evident that there are multifarious benefits of sponsoring sports by overweight disadvantages according to my sponsoring sports by companies is beneficial for the progress of the nation.

Sample 4

There is no doubt that few companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise players .some people deem that it is a better way but on the other hand masses say that it will cast a profound bad impact .i will discuss both views and give their own opinion.

To commence with, there are a lot of advantages to sponsoring sports products by player.if companies provide sports products, the player will come in enthusiasm and the company will open their own franchises, therefore, new vistas of employment will open. So, unemployment will decrease gradually. Moreover, the company will brighten own name and pay tax. Therefore, the country will progress leaps and bounds. Furthermore, sports products will come into the market and people can buy these products and use them.

On the other side, some people opine that there are disadvantages.if players used these sports products, they could not use other brand products. Moreover, these sports products are very expensive and ordinary people would not buy these products. As a result, some people will make a duplicate copy of sports products and sell at cheap price. So it will cast a profound bad impact on the country and would not progress.

Summing up, it is irrefutably true that there are multifarious benefits of sponsor sports as a way to advertise players by company. Its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

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