Students Should Start Work Experience Soon After College or University Examination

Students should start work experience soon after college or university examination or to go for career advancements, discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, undergraduate students often face a dilemma of whether to seek a job or to go into training after university examinations to advance their future careers. This essay will briefly discuss both views and will provide an opinion at the end of the essay.

The option to start work right after the university exams is appealing for several reasons. Firstly, young people want to become independent and prefer their own income rather than rely on parents or relatives to meet their living expenses. Mostly, the younger people from middle-class families decide to work straight after studying to share their family expenses. Moreover, having a job after school will accelerate their work experience and soft skills as well. For instance, they could acquire their communication leadership and expand their knowledge in many areas to meet certain job requirements for their future career.

On the other hand, many teenagers prefer to seek more courses instead of looking for a job after graduation to help them attain a perfect job leading to a promising career. They argue that due to rising competition in the job market, having the additional skills is mandatory because most employers will be more impressed by candidates who have them. This career advancement training would help them expand their domain, polish their skills, and prepare them to face real-world challenges. Moreover, a skills certificate makes you more competitive in the workplace and helps you earn at a better rate.

To conclude, both points of view provide solid evidence. However, in my opinion, it is necessary to prepare new skills after higher education rather than work right away. As we know, sometimes the skills and knowledge that students acquire at university are unmatched and unparalleled, so being certified by a legit organization will be a huge step towards the success of getting a satisfying job in the future.

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