Studying Business or Science-Related Subjects at The University Level Is More Important: Writing Task 2

Studying business or science-related subjects at the university level is more important than arts-related courses like literature. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Studying Business or Science-Related Subjects at The University Level Is More Important

Instead of learning streams like Language and History, people believe that Science subjects like Mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology are significant in leading university centres. Is this always the case? I vehemently disagree with the notion, and I strongly believe that each stream has its own value and opportunities in the current scenario.

Initially, students select their electives as per their interests and ability. A few of them believed that they could learn science or business forms, and after completing their graduation or post-graduation, they get their desired employment. However, it is undeniably true that, for successful completion, students must show cumulative efforts and impressive financial support. In addition, these students can easily flaunt their capacities in the realm of finance, medical, technology and engineering.

Additionally, it is undeniably true that arts and literature streams are essential parts of our society. Poets, writers, and teachers are developing their careers through these streams. Compared with science forms background, those who literally get support from arts are comparatively contributing more to society. Because they are closely interrelated to society with different art and literature forms. Furthermore, most universities provide equal weightage for each and every subject, and they consider equality in every level of learning.

In conclusion, it is unavoidable true that all the subjects had their own priority and importance in society. Maybe, the proportion of getting the job fluctuates because of their electives. However, for learning poems, plays and drama, individuals should incite art and literature streams.

Sample 2 Studying Business or Science-Related Subjects at The University Level Is More Important:

It goes without saying that during the university period, numerous subjects have significant importance in student life, such as businesses, science and arts-related elements. Whether to dominate some subject has always been a matter of dispute and highly debatable. Therefore, business or science plays a crucial role at the university level compared to other subjects, arts and literature. However, I endorse this statement to an extent. I have some solid ground to defend my opinion.

To begin, it is implicit that arts subjects make a huge contribution to enhancing the living standard of thousands of learners even though it helps to encourage the maturation of certain abilities which students can easily express at an earlier age. Put in other words, art and music subjects are an essential l part of any civilisation, and they can easily learn about history through art. This leads to student-developed, more innovative and creative skills. As a result, learner immensely boosts their performance in universities. To cite an example, in India, according to the yearly review, an average of students who enrolled themselves in the art field in the university acquire a better position as compared to other subject students. Because arts themes Offer a creative range of skills which students grasp more efficiently. What are more, children learn to appreciate others’ outlet of communication well manners.

On the other hand, graduating in businesses or science-based themes has greater priority over arts streams like literature due to the vast carrier opportunities and broader scope for innovation prospects. Put in other words, study courses like business management or science have a tremendous market for carrier opportunities, and this leads student gets to interact with themes and establish their stability in their carrier. For instance, ample multinational company offers suitable packages and amenities to students with a degree in these contents. As a result, students are able to fulfil their desires and become Master in knowledge. in addition, a business thesis tends to give honourable schemes to every learner full their prospect in the market with higher value.

To conclude, both subjects are vital in the life of a graduate without themes students unable to survive in their life. Therefore, universities make a policy on the subject and give quality on both subject matters.

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