Public gardens and parks Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Public gardens and parks Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Public gardens and parks Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1:- Would you like to spend time in a park or a public garden?

Answer 1:- Yes. I would like to spend time in public gardens and parks. I believe spending time in these open places provides extra energy and enthusiasm. In addition, these are fantastic occasions we get to spend time with our family members and friends.

Answer 2:- I always like to spend quality time in a public park because it’s my favourite place and I can do many recreational activities. Even parks help to reduce stress because I am involved in my workplace for a long time, so I found many things over there that make me satisfied and regain my energy which I feel more comfortable.

Question 2:- What do you like to do when visiting a park?

Answer 1:- While I visit a park typically, I would like to enjoy the serene atmosphere inside the park. Besides, friends or relatives are with me most of the time, and I want to chat with them. Lastly, I will enjoy the scenery of beautiful flowers, fish ponds, fountains and playing pieces of equipment for kids.


Answer 2:- A lot of things I like to do when I visit the Park even I try to make a satisfying myself and I often listen to music on my mobile phone and also perform some jogging moreover sometimes my friends have a plan to play sports over there it’s my favourite thing, and I spend my time while playing the games sometimes I visit the Park for you fresh in my mind, and I feel more comfortable to these things mainly I fo.

Question 3:- How are the parks today different from those you visited as a kid?

Answer 1:- When I was a child, my hometown’s parks were not very familiar. So I didn’t get many opportunities to visit parks at that time. However, as I remember, parks were arranged with a limited number of spaces, and few playing materials were available. But, nowadays, most parks have their own functioning manual, and they function with the support of different general bodies. Furthermore, they had, leading playing instruments, a large amount of space, electricity facilities, washrooms, and libraries are also available.

Answer 2:- There is a lot of difference observed in the present time as compared to the past time moreover when I, when I was in the garden the structure of the Park was entirely change because technologies were not invented in a saintly and the whole the Park look like the desert without any facilities but according to the present stage they all lots of modifications happens in this Park even local authorities installed every kind of amenities which makes the lifestyle to conveniently deal there is one Department for the gym which people like to engage them self or make body fitness so I think these changes may lead to in my part in recent time.

Question 4:- Would you prefer to play in a personal garden or public garden?

Answer 1:- As an individual, I would like to play in my personal space, that is, in my personal garden. I can play any time, with any type of playing materials in my garden. Nevertheless, when I play in a public space, I would definitely mind others’ attention. This intention absolutely spoils my enjoyment.

Answer 2:- Well, I like to play in Naam’s garden because in my garden I feel more comfortable Aditya lots of reasons which I prefer the personal garden because the first and foremost reason that I able to express my feelings over there without any restrictions and I play more conveniently as compare to the public garden they all lots of lots of restrictions over there which we unable to play in inside the garden, so I think this is this all the differences.

Question 5:- Are parks important for a city?

Answer 1:- I reckon parks are an unavoidable part of the city. It helps citizens socialize and develop. People get numerous opportunities to interact with different kinds of people in our society. Additionally, it is a favourite spot for senior citizens and adolescents for their regular exercises like yoga, walking and cycling.

Answer 2:- Without any doubt, parts play a significant role in the lifestyle of the people the first and foremost reason is that Park must be in SST in our city is because the pollution level in the matter Policy it is a quite immense and people and able to survive over there if the parking facility will be available in the city many people like to spend quality time in a park and also do I important conversation and also prefer some activities which make them healthy.

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