The American Film Industry Has Too Much Influence on The Film Industry

The American film industry has too much influence on the film industry around the world. Governments have a duty to invest money in their own film industries in order to protect and develop their own culture.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is undeniable that the US film industry dominates world cinema. This is not to say that there are not flourishing film industries in other countries. Many great films are released from many different countries and a lot of these films are technically as good and, in artistic terms, often much better than the “Hollywood Style” films that we know so well. I believe that governments ought to invest in their own film industries and also to assist them in other ways such as tax breaks. By doing this their industries will become more successful and be more able to express their own culture.

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As an example of this I would like to look at the Indian film industry. “Bollywood” as it is known has become hugely successful. The more successful Bollywood has become, the more it has attracted investment. Thus after some time the industry contributed on a large scale to the Indian economy. Thus money initially invested in film industries is not money thrown away. The worry is that of course you need people of talent and vision to invest in. So, the people in charge of investment must know what they are doing.

The UK film industry has received help from the government and high-quality, money-making films have been the result. In order to compete with the US though, this investment must continue. Only then can films around the world continue to portray cultures and viewpoints different to that the US film industry.

I therefore wholeheartedly agree that governments should invest in their own film industries to protect and develop their own cultures.

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