Talk About a Childhood Photograph You Do Not Like

Talk about a childhood photograph you do not like

  • When it was taken?
  • What you are doing in it?
  • Why you do not like it?

Well, everybody likes to click photos, especially on special days like birthdays and anniversaries, because, in this way, they preserve their memory for a long time. However, there are some photos that people usually dislike for some reason. A similar thing happened to me when I saw my childhood albums.

Although my parents clicked so many pictures of my childhood with different themes, one photograph that I do not like is my first birthday photograph.

There are numerous reasons why I’m not too fond of this click. first of all, I had not worn a good hairstyle because of less hair volume. Apart from that, my whole face was covered with cake in this picture.


Also, I wore big size cloth, and I had no smile on my face. So this thing made me feel dissatisfied with this photo. I think parents at that time used to purchase clothes more than the size of their children so that children could wear them in their further years.

But if I see today’s scenario, then it is different because nowadays children choose their birthday dress on their own. Moreover, I’m not too fond of this photo to see it with my friends because I know they will make fun of me. After all, this photograph looks so awkward.

Although this photograph is not so good, I have kept it safely. As I grow and turn into another year, this photograph reminds me of my childhood memories. Despite looking awkward in that picture, it really mesmerized me about my childhood moments. So this was the photograph that I didn’t like.

Follow-ups Talk About a Childhood Photograph You Do Not Like

Question 1:- What kinds of pictures do people like to take?

Ans. People usually like to click photos in which they look fantastic and more enthusiastic. I believe there are no better pictures than their birthdays, which always has an everlasting effect on the mind of the people.

Question 2:- Who collects more pictures of children or adults on their birthdays?

Ans. Well, children love to click more photos on their birthdays because they have been waiting for their birthday eagerly and they have planned many things like inviting friends on their birthday, doing dance and sharing meals compared to adults. The reason is that adults have more responsibilities and they celebrate their birthdays but don’t enjoy them fully as children do.

Question 3:- What are the methods of saving past memories nowadays?

Ans. Nowadays, people develop photos and make an album of those photos. Moreover, they have technological devices like computers and laptops, where they can store those things and look back at their memories anytime.

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