Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Talk about a famous athlete you know

  • Who he/she is,
  • How do you know him/her,
  • What has he/she achieved,
  • why he/she is famous.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Being a sports enthusiast, I am a big fan of those sportspeople who show athleticism in their games. Although I know many popular athletes and sportspersons, today I am going to talk about a Jamaican athlete named Usain Bolt. He is the only athlete in this world who has broken his own record ten times.

Being a sports enthusiast and voracious reader, I have read a lot about him in various magazines and books. He is famous for his achievements in the Olympics games. Due to his ability to break his record, he became a rising star in the 2000s. The game of races become famous after his arrival. Despite a humble beginning, he worked with determination, dedication and discipline. In his budding years as a player, he was not much successful.

His persistent failure prompted him to think beyond the conventional domain. After making slight adjustments in his running style, he moved his athletic career toward an impressive growth trajectory. Apart from being a sportsperson, he is a philanthropist too. He is an active social entrepreneur, and he works problems of our society tremendously.

He denoted a sizeable portion of his lifelong earning a charity. Due to these qualities, he is my role model. After going through his biography, a paradigm shift has taken place in my thinking process. Whenever I get stuck at some level, I get inspiration from him.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

There are many sports and sportspeople outside in this world who are encouraged us. But for me, there’s one particular athlete who has given me goosebumps with his speed of throwing Eveline. It is Niraj Chopra And Also known as a golden boy of India, who was famous for their throw in commonwealth game while serving in the Indian Army.

I know him because when I was in college, I got a chance to meet him in person. After talking to him, I was excited to know more about his larger than life personality. In short, I have done everything I could do to find how he became the fittest Indian athlete. He is the only second athlete to win a gold medal in Olympics after Abhinav Bindra.

He is just 24 years old and won three gold medals in the commonwealth game and two silver medals in the junior Eveline tournament. World record in decline throw on his name which 87.98 m.After the won gold medal, he was awarded in India by Arjun award, which gives only those people who gave their expediency in their sports. He is the role model of many teenagers who take seriously jevline sport and consider it.

Follow ups of Talk About a Famous Athlete You Know

Question 1:- What kinds of exercises do Indian people like?

Answer 1:- Well, Indian people like different kinds of exercises like stretching, weight lifting, running on a treadmill as well as walking

Answer 2:- Many types of exercises are popular in my country, but I believe that Yoga and brisk walking is the most popular among people. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India, and people do this exercise when they have free time on the day.

Question 2:- What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

Answer 1:- An athlete should have Team Spirit, leadership qualities as well as good knowledge about his game. These things also make a person a good player. Moreover, he or she must value the feelings of spectators. 

Answer 2:- I think athletes should have a passion and dedication about their sports as it helps them to win the competition. And also, they don’t have any destruction such as campaigns and parties like that they are serious about their sports.

Question 3:- Why are there so few top athletes?

Answer 1:- There are so many top athletes because nowadays youngsters don’t play games more; instead, they prefer to run their business as well as they would like to become an actor or do modelling. They consider taking part in sports means a lot of hard work and they don’t want to do more hard work instead they want to adopt the professions which don’t have much labour. 

Answer 2:- Because the inability to compete with the best of the best on the biggest stage in the world is down to a lack of exposure to top-level competition. There are fewer athletes who are serious about their sports, and there are also being motivated every day; they have the hunger to win the competition. Also, another factor is that fitness.

Question 4:- What’s the best way to become a top athlete?

Answer 1:- Well, the top athlete must be ready to do hard work, and with good training, he or she will succeed in getting rewards with their labour. Moreover, he or she must have a willingness to win.

Answer 2:- I think the first need is to become a top athlete is to start early. Nearly all the athletes today are those who started when they were children. For example, Niraj Chopra started playing jevline at the age of eleven. Then, it’s all about willpower, dedication and commitment towards their game.

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