Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

You should  say

  • Where is it?
  • How did you learn about it?
  • Describe the fountain.
  • Why do you like it so much?

Sample Answer of Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Well, I have always been interested in observing water formations which are made by fountains because it gives me relaxation and a sense of happiness. Although there are numerous fountains in my country which I like, after reading this cue card, one musical fountain came to my mind. So I have decided to talk about that fountain which is located in Maharashtra in a holy city called Hazur Sahib. Actually, three years back, before the pandemic hit us hard, I had an opportunity to visit this city with my family in order to pay obeisance in Sikh Temple.

We all were in full swing and enjoyed to the fullest the beauty of that place. Believe me; it looked like heaven on earth. Apart from this, the Sikh temple itself was so beautifully built using white marble, but the most eye-catching experience was the musical fountain in Govind Bagh Park. This park was situated just a stone’s throw away from gurudwara. When we entered this marvellous park, we got surprised after seeing the fantastic and breathtaking views.

 This park was covered By lush greenery as well as small and big fountains. At the same time, the main fountain was constructed in the right corner of the park.

All of a sudden, we saw a signed Board Of laser show That was held in the evening at 5. So we were so excited and made up our minds to enjoy this show. I must say, I remember clearly when the show started; my siblings and I shouted aloud after seeing the mesmerising water formations.

Besides this, we spent almost 2 hours there and clicked so many photos With this musical fountain to upload on social media. Along with this, we also observed how the water volume increased when the music went up and down

Moreover, the main exciting thing was when the water of the fountain went up, the colour of the water changed to 3 to 4 shades which Allure everyone.

 If I’m talking about Why I liked Then there are a few reasons behind it. First of all, this laser show presented beautifully and nicely the history of Sikhism as I belong to a Sikh family, so with this light, sound and water show, I learned more About my religion. Top of all, the music and commentary were Composed by eminent singer Jagjeet singh, and the script was written by famous writer Surjit Patar, making this laser show world famous.

 All in all, This is the musical fountain That I admire most and recommend to all my Kith and kin to visit there once.

follow-ups Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Question 1:- What type of fountains are available in India?

Well, in my nation, we can see different types of fountains nowadays, for example, garden fountains, indoor fountains, spouting fountains, musical fountains, and so many. According to my viewpoint, it has become a trend to have an indoor or outdoor fountain in the home as most people believe in Vastu, so according to them, flowing water in the fountain symbolises the flow of stability, money, happiness and love. 

Question 2:- Is it essential to build a fountain in a park or Garden?

Undoubtedly yes, it is crucial to construct a fountain in a park or nearby Garden because it helps to enhance the beauty of that place and create a soothing environment. To add to it, fountains along with trees are a great help in reducing the amount of heat in town. The benefit of this will be reducing the warm climate to acceptable levels and diminishing stress stemming from it.

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