Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

  • Where is it?
  • How do you learn about it?
  • Describe the fountain.
  • Why do you like it so much?

Sample 1 Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

I live in India, a diverse nation with high authorities and experts constructing uncountable fountains. All the fountains are in different shapes, such as modern indoor fountains, mermaids, and minimal garden fountains. In addition, there were numerous fountains in my country. However, today I would love to share a time when I visited Amritsar at the Golden Temple.

Moreover, I reached that holy city in my vocation with family members last year. I still remember entering that place and seeing that fountain; for the first time in my life, I watched it up close and couldn’t close my eyes. It was fascinating and in the shape of an oval. Another important factor is that it was large, approximately 500 feet.

Besides that, I spent almost 3 hours there and clicked many photos, observing how the waterfall increased. When it surged, the colour of the water changed to three or four colours, which attracted everyone. Despite that, I learnt from it how things enhance the beauty of the buildings and parks. Because of this, many adults can enjoy it.

All in all, I felt like a dog with two tails because I realised that as much as I was close to nature because nearby seats were provided, and parking spaces were. All I have experience with is hauliers for myself. I will learn more about it in the coming months if I get a chance.

Sample 2 Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

I would like to talk about an appealing structure in my city which is located in its central park. The fountain lies in the centre of a great square, and it is fully immersed in trees.

When I was ten years old, I spent some time on the internet searching for enchanting fountains in my city. Incredibly, I found it 50 meters from my home. Definitely, it was quoted as one of the most breathtaking monuments in my town.

That is because it is fully immersed in a green spot. You do not find so many fountains in nature like this one. When summer and the temperature rise to 42° Celsius, you will feel highly comfortable hanging around in that new venue.

Follow Up Questions Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Question 1:- What type of fountains is available in India?

Answer 1:- From my perspective, in my nation, modern indoor, sprouting fountains, endless and minimal fountains constructed by people, some fountains made of stones and other decorations which increase the beauty of it not only but also the city and place. Additionally, tourist attractions are also influenced by it, such as the Golden Temple. Most fountains are built in gardens for relaxation in the countryside, attracting people of all ages. Through this, the masses can get a chance to see one another. For example, fountains have been built by the government in the northern part of India since 2015. However, it now has numerous fantastic effects on people’s health as they visit gardens for viewing and do exercises based on their interests. Adults prefer brisk walks and other different sorts of games.

Answer 2:- I am not an auto-tone of India, but I believe that fountains over there are similar to the Italian ones. They might have a Great structure with classical style in the centre of a road or a square where people could relax and enjoy the freshness of that environment.

Question 2:- Is it essential to build a fountain in a park or Garden?

Answer 1:- It is undeniable that it is indispensable these days and should be built in gardens and parks. This can encourage youngsters towards games and other recreational activities, which are fruitful for them in the modern world.

Answer 2:- If truth be told, it is crucial. Paired with trees, fountains are a great helper in reducing the amount of heat in town. Activating fountains along the streets is essential when the temperature swells over 45°. The benefit of this will be reducing the warm climate to acceptable levels and diminishing stress stemming from it. Conclusively, the more fountains are constructed in urban areas next to gardens, the higher the general wellness of the local population will be.

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