Some Children Spend Hours Every Day on Smartphones: Writing Task 2

Some children spend hours every day on smartphones. Why is this the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Undoubtedly, technological advancement makes alternative types of food available in the market. Although most people prefer to buy food and drinks, they induce hectic schedules; shops should not be sold. Those beverages, as well as food which proved unhygienic by professionals and ailments, are increasing, such as obesity. I partially agree with this notion along with I will elucidate the views in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, there is a plethora of detrimental impacts on the health of people who eat a number of spicy dishes. The predominant one is health issues might rise the in the coming year. To elaborate, masses consumed less nutritional dishes and exclusive usage of calories long term definitely would confront difficulties related to obesity as well as a chronic disease like cancer by which they cannot undertake work. Furthermore, some drinks have negative effects, such as coca cola, which is popular amongst children and affect affects the respiratory system; these drinks are made with chemicals. For example, a to research done by the world wide Web health organisation, 70%of youngsters face more health problems these days due to excessive consumption of junk food 2016. Hence, the shopkeeper should not fascinate teenagers regarding fast food by advertising already proven scientifically.

To strengthen the views, there are enormous advantages to mortals in the contemporary world of a variety of foods and drinks. As more shops mean more work, this might reduce unemployment as much as it saves more time. To eclipse it, both partners doing jobs at different workplaces for long shifts, this tendency of food is a handy option for them which might plummet strain. Furthermore, nowadays, pizza huts and shops of beverages help to provide more employment to people and enhance economic growth. To cite an example, yale university observed that 67.9% of people have jobs by which they have become more independent in recent years compared to ancient times. Therefore, these sorts of shops should not be banned despite it consumers should eat to it with limitations.

To conclude, although fast food leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, it saves more time as well as enhances economic growth. In addition, I consider that it should not be allowed in excessive amounts; government and experts should provide awareness through seminars regarding the negative effect of food and drinks.

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